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  • How to Turn Your Instagram Profile into a QR Code

    We live in world and a social web that is a whirlpool of innovation and creativity. Every day via the blogs I read, the tweets that I glimpse and the emails that arrive in my inbox, I see an array of ideas that makes my head spin with amazement. Who would have thought that an online pinboard would attract nearly 20 million people a month sharing photos.

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  • The One Skill That You Need Need To Master in Content Marketing

    Ignorance is bliss. The beginner strikes out and doesn’t see the dangers ahead. The novice driven by passionate curiosity doesn’t see the complexity of the task of mastery. It is just seen as an exciting adventure. But as they dive into the the complex ecosystem of subjects, technologies and thought bubbles that sat in and around the core, doubts emerge and questions are raised.

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  • How Content Marketing Transformed My Business (and life)

    It was a paperback book someone I trusted and respected had recommended. Its title was good but not great. The headline wasn’t so compelling that it would stop you in your tracks. But something about it made me want to start reading and open the cover. Most of it was read in coffee shops near my home. I had plenty of time as I was between jobs. But it made a big promise.

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  • This is What The Smart Entrepreneurs are Focusing On

    You’re an entrepreneur. Compelled to compete. Desiring to dominate. Wanting to survive. Maybe you even want to leave a legacy and transform and influence an industry. That’s the ultimate goal only achieved by the elite few. These are the McDonalds for fast food, the Uber’s of convenient travel and the Apple’s of the mobile revolution. Startups that have changed business as we know it.

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  • The Ultimate Guide to Social Media Marketing

    Perhaps one of the biggest human flaws is that we tend to be a bit impatient. We speed date, eat fast food, use emojis instead of words, pay for overnight shipping, and get started with social media without knowing why or what to expect. I get it. The world is moving faster than ever before. New trends and technology seem to appear overnight, and it’s becoming increasingly ...

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  • 12 Ways Online Publishers Make Money (Some may surprise you)

    Confusion and overwhelm. That describes it….and I work in the industry. An insider. Became an online publisher, digital marketer and entrepreneur. A writer. Immersed myself in the global game. I didn’t know where it was going. Just knew it was exciting. And it is. But making sense of it….that’s another thing. It keeps morphing Changing and shape shifting.

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  • Want To Grow Your Business? 10 Hard Questions You Need To Ask

    Fixed mindsets irritate me. You know what I mean. Heard the conversations. We have always done it this way. It is just a fad. As we reinvent business and try to change, the foibles of the habitual human become evident. Calcified thinking. “The difficulty lies not so much in developing new ideas as in escaping from old ones“ – John Maynard Keynes The pace of change today ...

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  • What I Learned From Reading These 5 Books (Warning: One may shock you)

    So you pick up a book. Start reading. Creating pictures in your mind. Imagining. The wooden cabin nestles in the shadow of a snow covered mountain. The day has darkened and the twilight is fading as the sun has just dipped below the summit. You can smell the cedar fire and feel the warmth of the burning logs on your face. It’s remote. Miles from the nearest road. An inspiration haven.

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  • 3 Things Marketing Managers Aren’t Telling Their CEO

    I am so frustrated with social media marketers. They think that Facebook is the only marketing channel, Snapchat is brand attention nirvana and spending money on influencers with 10,000 followers on Instagram is a good investment. Most people want quick wins and so the Facebook advertising tactics to amplify their brand and get attention are invested in. Nothing wrong with that.

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  • This is Why Facebook Is Treating Us As Fools

    Ever walked past a shop with a people lining up? Wanted to choose a restaurant to grab a bite to eat? Empty is for losers and seeing evidence of popularity is vital in how we play the marketing game. It’s called social proof. And that is why renting a crowd can be useful. It is also one of the quickest ways to build credibility online. But we all have very limited time.

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  • What Happens When You Get Up At 4.30am for 4 Years?

    I have created many habits. We all do. It keeps life simple and allows us to get things done without having to make constant decisions. But some are stranger than others. What shoe I put on first in the morning and what side of the bed I sleep on every night are in the ordinary category. Have you ever tried to change even those simple habits? Felt the resistance? Some ha ...

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  • 10 Truths About Content Marketing You Need To Know

    It was one of those days. My computer had stopped working. Do I call the manufacturer and get them to step me through the trouble shooting process for that fix? I decided that maybe best to just turn it on and off first. Three minutes later the frozen screen is replaced by a working laptop. Problem fixed. Then I tried to login to the internet. I was met with that message….

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  • This One Trait Is the Secret To Success

    I walked into the shop and there they were. Lining up. Handing over the coupon. Their expectant faces were hopeful. Maybe this was the moment. Dream realized. Most were sure this was “the” day. But they all left disappointed. Back to reality. The chances for success were low. A professional betting man wouldn’t bother paying the price.

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  • 4 Powerful Ways To Use The Art of Storytelling

    I was in the middle of my presentation. Before me was a stadium full of people I barely knew. Then something happened. It is what all speakers dread. My slides disappeared from the big screen behind me. Gone. And they never came back. It was a moment that all speakers hope will never happen. But it did.

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  • Is The Web as We Know It Dying?

    Something big is happening. The smart phone revolution that only started 10 years ago with the invention of the iPhone is changing our web behaviour. A report by Forrester revealed that we are spending 85% of our time on our mobile phone using apps and only 15% in the browser. We are also spending 85% of that time only using 5 apps. These include Apple, Facebook and Google.

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