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  • Google Partners Accounts: Personal or Company Email Address?

    Setting up Google Partners account is a milestone for many digital marketers. This is when things get official. However, I’ve had many people approach me with confusion about the best way to set up Google Partners account. This is especially true for small agencies. An individual may be setting up a Google Partners account on behalf of their company, yet they are the only per ...

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  • How To Recover Google Analytics Account

    Have you ever lost your keys to your car or home and panic ensued? You search for clues everywhere. You re-trace your steps, maybe freak out a bit. You blame inanimate objects. At some point you re-gain access to your car or house. Maybe you called a locksmith, or maybe you found a window cracked open. Either way, the ordeal is over. It’s always in the last place you look.

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  • [Video] Google Performance Summit 2016 Review

    Yesterday was the “big day” for fans of Google AdWords and Google Analytics. Google had teased upcoming announcements at their “Performance Summit” for months, and I have been dying to attend virtually ever since I marked it on my calendar. Having attended 7 Google Analytics summits in the past (2008-2014) and live-blogging the announcements in 2012, 2013 and 2014, I was exci ...

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  • Phil Pierce talks about Video Campaigns in Google Analytics

    Last week we shot several videos for the periodic table of Google Analytics in Jamaica. Today I wanted to share a video with my friend Phil Pierce. Phil and I played tennis in the morning and then talked analytics in the afternoon. I told Phil to pick an element from the Periodic Table of Google Analytics and describe what it means to him.

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  • What is your biggest mistake in paid search management?

    Don’t be a dummy like me, download our PPC Campaign Launch Checklist PDF Recently I participated in a panel discussion with other AdWords experts like Brad Geddes, Frederick Valleys and more. It was in Bologna at the excellent AdWorld Experience conference. A question came up that I love to answer. “What was your biggest screw up?” This type of question helps us really learn.

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  • [Video] Setting Expectations with Google Analytics

    Man, I really wish I had a more exciting title for this blog post. But I guess that’s why I’m an analyst and not one of those Mad Men types. Setting expectations. Meeting expectations. Such a corporate term. “On a scale of 1-5, this video gets a 3 for meets expectations.” In my defense, though, that is what this video does. There are a lot of people who misunderstand the purpose of analytics.

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  • Google Analytics Certified in 2016 – Is This Your Year?

    Is this the year that you master Google Analytics? Tl;dr: I put my heart and soul into an online Google Analytics Certification Course. If you sign up by the end of this week, you will get our best price at $197. Price goes up to $297 on March 5th, 2016. Get Analytics Course for $197! Over the past 6 years, I have taught Google Analytics training courses to over 1,000 students.

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  • Content Upgrades and Lead Magnets: How to Create and Deploy

    Subscribe to our YouTube Channel Welcome back to our live case study. We are showing how to increase the numbers of leads from your organic search results. If you watched our first video, then you saw how one little trick generates a ton of leads for our site (yay!). To summarize: we took a piece of content that was receiving a lot of organic search traffic and offered a d ...

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  • Google Analytics Training in Minneapolis

    Jeffalytics is proud to partner with the DemandQuest training institute in Minneapolis to offer Google Analytics training to those in the area (and even those who come in from out of town). Ted and Rachael have a top notch operation in Minneapolis and I really enjoy teaching the students all of the finer points about Google Analytics, seeing “ah-ha!” moments and helping become ...

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  • Krista Seiden Interview Transcript

    Last month I had the opportunity to interview Krista Seiden from the Google Analytics team for the podcast. Today we are sharing the transcript for that podcast for those of you who prefer to read interviews. On to the interview! Jeff Sauer: Hello and welcome to the Jumpstart Podcast with Jeffalytics. I’m your host Jeff Sauer.

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  • Episode 9: Sheena Schleicher

    Go boldly, not blindly. For today’s episode, we talk once again with a marketer who took a non-traditional path to find her career in the world of marketing. Today we learn how Sheena Schleicher became an accidental marketer, and how a freak accident influenced her career path. Subscribe in iTunes Subscribe in Android Sheena Schleicher gained a lot of experience workin ...

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