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  • The filter bubble: it won an election and can help you win customers

    You are probably like me and don’t want to read another article about marketing lessons from the recent US election, but a number of thoughts coalesced in my head that prompted me to write one more. Since some time has passed, I hope you will bear with me. Let’s start with an idea that is core to our experience living in today’s world: The filter bubble The filter bubble is ...

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  • What’s more important than a B2B buyer’s lead score?

    Sometimes I think about changing famous movie quotes to include marketing terms. I will admit that I may need to get out more, but these can be instructive in drawing some analogies to the topic at hand. Since this post is about leads, here are a few: May the leads be with you. Show me the leads. You can’t handle the leads. B2B marketing is often all about generating leads for sales.

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  • When you buy marketing software, know that you are buying into an ecosystem

    Marketing can no longer function without technology. There certainly are instances where it’s gone too far and technology is now driving marketing. But most modern marketers start with the strategy and add the technology needed to achieve it. While it may seem obvious that marketing technology makes companies more efficient, making the wrong choices, especially in favor of s ...

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  • Are you telling all your prospects the same story?

    We’ve all been to office parties where someone ordered pizza — but what about the ones where they go for lowest common denominator pizza? That’s right. Someone just ordered six cheese pizzas. It doesn’t matter if you’re a carnivore or an herbivore, this pizza works for you. It might remind you of a kid’s birthday party, but generally, no one is offended.

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