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  • Instagram’s Eva Chen: ‘Fashion’s always been over the top’

    Eva Chen’s Instagram feed is filled with photos of some of fashion’s top designers and models, her enviable wardrobe, and what seems like a never-ending collection of handbags and shoes. Sprinkled among those are shots of beauty products, snacks and treats, and her family. It looks like a good life.

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  • Glossy’s top 5 podcasts of 2016

    An increasing shift to see-now-buy-now, more brands departing the traditional fashion calendar and shows, finding ways to market to consumers in an increasingly crowded online environment and navigating today’s shifting consumer shopping habits are some of the biggest challenges the fashion industry has faced — this year alone. To dive deeper into the ...

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  • ‘There’s already saturation’: Where does top model Gigi Hadid go from here?

    Gigi Hadid is the model of the moment, literally. The 21-year-old was named the British Fashion Awards’ international model of the year on Monday and was chosen as’s top model last year. Hadid has graced the covers of 11 international Vogue issues (two were Teen Vogue), as well as Elle, Vanity Fair and W Magazine.

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  • 4 trends that shaped the fashion media landscape in 2016

    It’s been a rough year for print publications in fashion, beauty and lifestyle. There have been widespread layoffs at publications, both for print and digital teams, as magazine giants Condé Nast, Hearst, Time and Meredith have looked to cut costs, centralize content creation, and invest in digital, amid slumping newsstand sales and ad spendi ...

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  • Retailers are (finally) ditching separate plus-size departments

    When online retailer Modcloth opened its first brick-and-mortar store in Austin, Texas earlier this month, it decided to offer every available style in sizes XXS to 4X. For a fashion retailer, it was a rare move. Thanks to testing products in pop-up shops for the past 18 month and c ...

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  • Confessions of a fashion designer: US production is ‘not a serious option’

    U.S. fashion brands that choose to remain “American-made” are becoming something of a rarity. While some brands try to produce solely in America, many clothing labels are turning to offshore factories, motivated by cheaper manufacturing and labor costs and the ability to easily scale production. The shift away from Amercian-made fashion has largely occurred in the past fifty y ...

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  • Man Repeller’s Leandra Medine doesn’t just post photos all day

    Man Repeller’s founder Leandra Medine didn’t set out to build a media company. As she worked toward a journalism degree in college, she thought she’d end up writing for New York Magazine. But in 2010, after recognizing a gap in fashion media, Medine started the blog Man Repeller to put a humorous spin on “seriou ...

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  • Racked shifts to Facebook and email in hunt for audience

    On Monday, Vox Media’s smallest property, fashion and shopping site Racked, started shifting its focus to its newsletter and Facebook channel. It was an acknowledgment that people are increasingly finding news and information in their in-boxes and on social media. While also getting a website and logo facelift, the site is making the articles and videos featured in its newslet ...

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  • Plus-size girls are still a ‘wow factor’: Confessions of a plus-size model

    The plus-size movement is gaining popularity. It’s always been popular for those actually wearing the clothes, but brands and retailers are finally waking up to the reality that not all women’s figures are compatible with sample sizes. The U.S. plus-size market is estimated to be worth $20.4 billio ...

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  • Vogue eyes ‘digital natives’ as it enters Middle East market

    Vogue entered the Middle East market on Tuesday with Vogue Arabia, setting its eyes on a fast-growing luxury market Bain estimates will be worth up to $276 billion this year. The publisher is starting with an online presence, in Arabic and English, with plans to introduce a print publication in the spring.

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  • ‘You’re wrong for fashion’: Confessions of a black fashion industry veteran

    The fashion industry’s lack of diversity isn’t just on the runway. The topic usually surfaces around fashion week, when thousands of models appear on runways and the world can watch which designers embrace diversity, and which don’t. Among designers, there’s also a striking lack of diversity. And behind the scenes, the fashion industry is often just as lacking in diversity at ...

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  • Bustle bets big on memes and illustrations

    Tricked out with whimsical illustrations and memes, Bustle’s Instagram feed doesn’t resemble that of a typical digital publisher’s. But the women’s news and lifestyle site’s playful drawings is a key part of its brand-building strategy. A comparison of how many items are bought on a grocery trip on a normal day to one where you’re “slightly hungry” sits snugly alongside a pie- ...

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  • Talking dogs and emojis: How Dan Reynolds turns Disney films into social content

    Reynolds: Bringing Disney to digital In a recent viral video, Dug, the talking dog from the Pixar movie “Up,” was brought into the real world. For “Dug in Real Life,” Disney sent a retriever equipped with a talking collar into a park to interact with unsuspecting couples and families. The film was created by Disney’s consumer products and interactive media division, or DCPI, th ...

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  • ‘Sweat and tears’: Confessions of a serial fashion industry intern

    Pop culture has given many glimpses of what it’s like to be a fashion intern: long hours, demanding bosses and little pay. There’s usually no shortage of job listings to work for brands and fashion companies, but without experience, recent fashion graduates or students can struggle to get a foot in the door.

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  • EBay dips its toes in fashion with Project Runway partnership

    At the end of every Project Runway episode, contestants sit nervously as their work is judged by the show’s hosts Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn. Whether or not it meets their approval, contestants still might make a sale: Viewers who like the outfit can now buy the very ensemble feat ...

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  • How a former One Direction singer helped drive Highsnobiety’s audience

    Streetwear enthusiasts may do a doubletake when they see former One Direction star Zayn Malik on one of four covers of Highsnobiety’s latest issue, but the move has more than paid off for the magazine in terms of talking to new audiences. On his cover of the September issue of the magazine’s cover story, Malik is dressed in Gucci, Givenchy, Christopher Kane, and Dior Homme.

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  • What the Associated Press has learned from a year of VR

    For a little over a year, the Associated Press has produced 20 virtual reality and 360 videos across a broad range of topics. From breaking news like the terrorist attacks in Nice, France, in July this year, to the Rio Olympics, to lifestyle-feature stories on luxurious hotels and apartments, and science and technology stories on Alzheimer’s disease, the AP has aimed to put its ...

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  • Day in the Life: Twitter’s head of content planning thinks ‘feed first’

    Stacy Minero heads Twitter’s content planning and creative agency development team, where she works with brands and agencies to tailor content for Twitter. “We’re in-house consultants,” she told Digiday. “We do content audits and evaluations and tell them what’s working and what’s not.” Minero said the studio doesn’t compete with agencies because it’s not focused on production.

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  • Inside Cartier’s sponsored content strategy

    Sponsored content can be difficult for brands to achieve. It’s not typically in their DNA to produce content and it can be a fine line between story-telling and feeling like traditional advertising. But Cartier is one brand betting big on it. When the French luxury jewelry house re-opened its flagship store on 5th Avenue in New York this month, it made sure that the big momen ...

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  • Burberry makes its London Fashion Week show into a weeklong event

    Burberry wants to get more out of its London Fashion Week show taking what is traditionally a 15-minute-long show and extending it into a weeklong event at London’s Makers House that brings to life the ideas and inspiration behind the collection. The show, which is the brand’s first straight-to-consumer collection that features men’s and women’s collectio ...

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