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  • How We Use Google Venture’s 5-Day Sprint to Ship Marketing Campaigns Faster

    Image source. As marketers, we all love releasing new campaigns and collateral regularly (launch days are the best days, amiright?). But despite best efforts, projects can take much longer than planned and unexpected roadblocks can stop you from shipping as often as you’d like. Even worse, you can spend weeks extending deadlines in search of perfection, only to discover a pro ...

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  • The Silent Landing Page Conversion Killer (And How to Stop It)

    When creating a landing page, you’ve likely wondered, “How much copy should I include?” — a question to which copywriters usually reply, “Well, that depends…” And it really does depend on the complexity of your offer and about a billion other factors. Crafting concise copy is tough, so it’s only natural that many landing pages contain too many details.

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  • Bring Your AdWords Campaigns Back from the Dead with Keyword Insertion

    If you want to be successful with PPC ads, you need to demonstrate that you understand what prospects are looking for and serve up a relevant ad experience to match. If you fail to communicate a cohesive message or fulfill the promise you make with your ad, you could face some nightmarish consequences. (Even scarier than that time you accidentally sent out a marketing email with the intro “Hey .

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  • Can SSL, Trust Seals and Other Security Indicators Increase Conversions?

    Imagine you’re in the waiting room at the “Smiles 4 Dayz” dental office. There’s some standard elevator music playing, and everything seems pretty average. Except that, as you’re filling out the new patient form, you notice there aren’t any dental school diplomas lining the walls of the office (not one…). Even more curious, the form lists the dentist as simply “Mrs. Liza Hoover,” not “Dr.

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  • 4 Lead Gen Campaign Ideas (+ the Landing Page Templates to Power Them)

    All right, so you launched your most recent marketing campaign, promoted it with an eagerness you didn’t know you had, and juuuust as you’re unwrapping your celebratory Snickers bar at your desk, lead gen Greg appears to ask when you can crank out the next one. …The next campaign that is. He’s not interested in your Snickers bar.

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  • Don’t Bother Using Video on Your Landing Page Unless You’re Doing These 5 Things

    “They each saw the success of Red Bull and Old Spice and thought to themselves, “Well, wouldn’t that be nice?” Source: Tale of Two Marketers. You might be making cool videos, but if you’re like the majority of marketers, your cool content may have fizzled out and collected some internet dust – all without getting any clear metrics on your ROI.

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