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  • 10 Reasons You Need HubSpot in 2015

    As a HubSpot partner since 2009, it's easy for us to see on a day to day basis why every business should be using HubSpot. But we understand that inbound marketing, much less HubSpot, can be a bit of a foreign concept for some. So let me explain. HubSpot is your one stop inbound marketing and sales platform with over 10,000 customers worldwide.

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  • Top 10 LyntonWeb Blog Posts of 2014

    In just a few short days we will be saying goodbye to 2014 and welcoming 2015. CRAZY. According to 'Back to the Future Part II' we should have hover boards and flying cars in 2015, so we're a bit behind. But have no fear, inbound marketing and website design continue to evolve every day. I can't wait to see what 2015 has in store.

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  • Get To Know the LyntonWeb Corral Before #INBOUND14

    The LyntonWeb corral is excited for their annual journey from Texas to INBOUND. We're so excited for Inbound, we just can't even hide it. We hope we get to see some of your smiling faces there, so we thought we'd give you a little information about ourselves before the big event! Meet Daniel Daniel Lynton is our CEO so he has been around since the beginning... of LyntonWeb. About 15 years.

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  • 5 Step Process to Personalizing Your Website [New eBook]

    In today's digital world, it's not enough to simply redesign your website to make it look "pretty" for a certain group of people. There's more to a successful website than an attractive design. Most approach a website redesign with a broad group of people or certain industry in mind. The truth is that you actually need to personalize your website for each specific visitor.

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  • Friday Fails: Ways You Suck At Instagram

    I'm not shy when it comes to how much I love social media. Here at LyntonWeb, we want to make the web (and all social media channels) a better place for everyone! This week we are diving into the world of Instagram, and unfortunately, ways a lot of people are sucking at it. So put down the iPhone, wait to take a selfie, and let's discuss a few ways you can stop sucking at Instagram.

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  • Top 8 Reasons I Dig HubSpot Social Inbox

    I just want to take this time to personally thank HubSpot for the tremendous improvements it's made to Social Inbox the past few months. You have truly embraced my obsession, I mean love, for social media and made my life as a busy inbound marketer that much easier. You have made it easier to publish, monitor, and grow my social media channels (as well as my clients).

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  • Friday Fails: Companies That Believe SEO Crap

    It's crazy that there are still companies out there that believe these ridiculous SEO lies. SEO is a huge part of your online presence, but it is something that takes time, knowledge, and hard work. Check out this week's Friday Fails episode to find out some of the SEO lies companies believe and what the truth really is.

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  • Friday Fails: Annoying Pop-Ups on Your Website

    There's nothing more annoying than reading an interesting article and then being interrupted by a completely irrelevant pop-up. If you want to drive your visitors away, give them a bad user experience and lose readers, then keep adding pop-ups to your website! If not, check out this week's Friday Fail: Friday Fails: Annoying Pop-Ups Transcript: Hey guys! Happy Friday and wel ...

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  • Which Disney Princess is Your Inbound Marketing Website?

    I may or may not be listening to the main title of Cinderella right now. I may or may not have spent Saturday night eating gummy worms and watching Cinderella on my MacBook. Somewhere in-between the fairy godmother and the singing mice it got me thinking. For some of you, there isn't enough magic pixie dust in the world for the fairy godmother to fix your website.

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  • Friday Fails: How to Fix Email Personalization Mistakes

    So maybe you didn't embarrass yourself in front of millions of people on Twitter. But if you're like me, you're not a perfect inbound marketer and you're bound to make a mistake a time or two. Here's a quick look at an email personalization fail that I made and how to make sure this fail never happens to you! Friday Fails: Email Personalization Transcript: Hey guys! Happy Fri ...

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  • Friday Fails: How to Not Embarrass Yourself on Twitter

    Given recent events, I really couldn't make it through the week without talking about fails on Twitter. Not just ways that you suck on Twitter, but the cringe worthy "I can't believe I just sent that to a million people and I'm about to get fired" fail on Twitter. So here are some examples as well as some tips to make sure this never happens to you! Friday Fails: Twitter Fai ...

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