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  • Do’s and Don’ts of Nonprofit Social Media

    With the ability to reach millions of people across the entire world, social media can be an extremely valuable tool for nonprofits to inspire the public to help their causes. This only applies, of course, if you’re putting out the right content, using the right channels, targeting the right people, and otherwise doing it right.

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  • What Data Should You Monitor for Your Nonprofit Website?

    As your nonprofit inbound marketing plan seeks to meet goals of raising awareness, generating donations, creating advocates, and recruiting volunteers, regular website data analysis could help you to increase your site’s effectiveness and accomplish your goals. Some of the critical data you should be evaluating includes: Traffic Sources The amount of traffic your website recei ...

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  • 7 A/B Tests to Try on Your Nonprofit's Donation Page

    Your donation page acts as the bread and butter of your nonprofit organization. Getting a firm grip on what works (and what doesn’t) will be vital part of your marketing success. A/B testing on your donation page offers insider information to reduce bounce rates and increase donor conversions. The concept of A/B testing might feel a bit intimidating at first.

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  • 5 Ways to Make Your Nonprofit Website Donor-Friendly

    We’ve all seen it. Nonprofit organizations believe that they can’t (or shouldn’t) be expected keep up with the updates of the technological world leaving their websites looking like something from the mid-90s when dial-up was all the rage. However, in this day and age of online interactions, an effective charitable organization needs to be capable of functioning in the places w ...

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  • 4 Ways to Recruit Volunteers with Inbound Marketing

    One of the most critical goals for many nonprofits is to recruit and retain volunteers. Many organizations rely on volunteers and often would not be capable of continuing their endeavors without them. But other than by word-of-mouth or inviting friends, how can a nonprofit go about connecting with potential volunteers and turning them into dedicated assets? Here are four ways i ...

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  • 4 Inbound Marketing Tools For Your Non-Profit

    Because some non-profits run on shoestring budgets, marketing often takes a back seat to other issues that are seemingly more pressing. Some organizations believe they can’t afford to spend any money on technology, while others think that marketing budgets should be spent on direct mail because it has worked in the past. Unfortunately, past performance doesn't always predict future results.

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  • Give Your Creativity a Boost with These 6 Principles

    While many adults, especially business professionals, believe themselves to be less-than-creative types, the reality is that almost anyone who has a remotely intelligent human brain has the capacity to exercise creativity. Hopefully this is good news to you! If you struggle to be creative, the problem may simply be that accessing the creative parts of the brain takes a bit more intentionality.

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  • 9 Must-Know Tips for Engaging Readers with Powerful Headlines

    Although all of the content published on web articles and blog posts should be engaging, the most often overlooked first step in getting readers interested is by using headlines. Approximately 80% of readers will take a glance at your headlines, but only 20% of them will actually click on the article to read the rest.

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  • Growth Driven Design Reporting - 6 Metrics That Matter

    Growth driven design (GDD) can keep your website fresh, relevant and optimized – as long as it’s working. And the only way to know if the continuous website changes at the core of GDD are performing at optimum levels is through regular reports. Routine GDD reporting is par for the course to ultimate success, particularly when you regularly review these six key metrics.

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