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  • What To Do When Your Sales Funnel Fails

    These days it’s hard going even a single day without hearing something about sales funnels. For the past year or so they’ve been a huge buzzword in the online marketing space, and for good reason! They work. Except… when they don’t. Many people understand the value of funnels and why they should work, but still struggle putti ...

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  • 4 Big Takeaways From A Launch That Did 6x Expected Revenues

    A few weeks ago I created and ran a small internal launch for a side-business I’m involved in. When the launch was over we tallied up the results and realized we’d done 6x what we’d originally expected. We also had a few statistics most people would consider “impossible”, such as… 70% open rates… 71% optin rates to a webinar 10% sales page conversion rates… 80% of customers c ...

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  • 5 Conversion Tweaks That Turn Stubborn Prospects Into Hyper Buyers

    /08/Garrett-Sutton-Testimonial.mp4 Here are a few more ideas just in case you’re a little more new and are looking for new ways to generate authority, even if you don’t yet have any. You can get pictures with the “gurus” in your industry… You can interview them… You can have them add content to your products/services… In other words, make yourself appear as if you are ...

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  • 3 Rarely Used Guarantees That Will Boost Your Sales

    Everybody knows that they should be guaranteeing their product. Without a guarantee, your customers won’t feel confident buying whatever it is that you’re selling. They’ll feel as if you don’t believe in your product enough to make sure they get the results they’re looking for. (And they would be right) In this article, I do NOT want to talk about why you need a guarantee.

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