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  • Be True To Thyself, O Small Business Website

    My wife recently fell in love with a store here in Nashville. It’s called The Fabric Studio and it’s located in an awkward gentrified building in a semi-industrial area of south Nashville near The Sounds Stadium & Gabby’s “legendary” Burgers. I was impressed by how much care, attention and loving detail went into making it a totally charming, boutique, sewing shop.

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  • Don’t Get Hacked: Steps To Secure WordPress

    A couple weeks ago, I was in California and met someone whose site was hacked, and he was completely unaware. I took on the clean-up of his site and set out to make sure that in the future his site was safe from falling prey again. That process has really sobered me up, and made me realize just how vulnerable some of my sites have been.

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  • Robots.txt Guide For Humans

    Did you know that you can control how Google ranks your site with a single line of text? It’s true! Of course, that’s not the whole story. It would be more accurate to say you can control IF Google ranks your website AT ALL. That’s right. You have a nuclear option to keep your site from being crawled by the “spidering” program called Googlebot that hops from website to websit ...

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  • Hacked and Completely Unaware

    I just got back from a trip to sunny Southern California where I was staying just a few blocks away from the magic of Disneyland at an Air BnB. That’s where I met Doug Kroll, a chiropractor from Hawaii and naturally, because I am a huge SEO nerd, we started talking about websites. He told me about his property management site and how it needed some work, so I started poking ar ...

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  • Google Analytics Audit – Conversions, Goals & Ecommerce

    This is part 2 of my Google Analytics Audit. The first part focused on the code and settings in Analytics. I thought the topic area of conversions and conversion metrics should have it’s own in-depth review so I got in touch with a couple of experts to help give us some helpful perspectives on the topic. So let’s get started! Events: Things Worthy Of Awareness Yea. That was important.

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  • Google Analytics Audit – Deployment and Settings

    It has always surprised me that the most freely available and useful tool that Google provides to website owners, Google Analytics, is so often incorrectly deployed on my client’s sites. Here’s a quick DIY Analytics Audit that you can run through for new client sites or your own small business website to make sure you’re getting the most out of this free resource from the Big G.

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  • A Simple DIY Website Audit

    Recently, a friend of my wife’s was wondering if I would take a look at a her small business website and give her some insights about what she could focus on to improve. The catch is that she didn’t have the budget to hire me or any other SEO professional. I also have run into several IT managers and marketing people in the past couple months who know their company site is not ...

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  • 9 Things You Might Be Getting Wrong With Your Blog Images

    When you construct a blog post it’s important to have the right visual content. I believe it can actually be as important as the writing in most cases. In the name of corny awesome Buzzfeed style listicles I’ve outlined some of the most common errors I see professionals and non-professionals make with their blog image choices. Here we go! 1.

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  • SEO and the Techno-Illiterate

    Much as we may want to deny it, people can, and do, live without the faintest notion of the nature of technology. They may use technology and its products; but, by no stretch of the imagination could they be described as knowledgeable consumers of technology. – Technological Literacy Reconsidered”Journal of Technology Education 2013″ – Walter B.

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