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  • Your best users: Where they are and how to find them

    How well do you think you know the users who come to your website? Can you tell me about your best customer’s buying habits? Or maybe how long your average customer goes between purchases? Or which customer channel converts more than any other channel? Most marketers will unwaveringly claim to know a wealth of information about their customers.

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  • How to build an in-house marketing team for conversion optimization

    As a conversion optimization consultant, my purpose is to help in-house marketers understand and apply the principles of conversion optimization to their professional endeavors. Today’s in-house marketer has a huge job in the digital world. To quote my favorite conversion optimization expert, “[D]igital marketing today has an ocean’s breadth, so it’s impossible for a single ...

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  • Are Customer Reviews Promoting Your E-Business Like They Should?

    Unless you’re just back from an extended stay in some parallel universe, you know that customer reviews are valuable to e-commerce and increasing online conversions. Even negative reviews can be helpful to you, as the purveyor of a product or service. The value of online customer reviews can hardly be overstated, though perhaps it approaches being over-documented.

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  • How Scarcity Changes Our Brains And Boosts Your Conversion Rates

    The human brain is a marvelous thing. It’s astounding in its power and baffling in its limitations. I’ve long believed that the power of conversion optimization is found in three main things — an intensive obsession with data and testing, a heuristic for approaching a site’s conversion potential and a deep understanding of human psychology.

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  • 6 Conversion Principles You Can Learn From The Mere-Exposure Effect

    Every now and then, conversion optimizers come up with a technique that blows our minds. Usually, the most effective “techniques” aren’t cute hacks about color or button size. They’re about the psychological underpinnings of human decision-making. One such powerful feature is the mere-exposure effect. In this article, I want to explain how it can completely change your conversion game.

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  • 6 Neuromarketing Principles That Are Always True

    Of all the scientific fields and developments that have been adopted by marketers, neuromarketing is one of the most fascinating and rapidly developing. The field of neuromarketing was first developed in the 1990s by psychologists at Harvard University, and it has since become a significant influence on modern marketing techniques.

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  • The Science of a Powerful, Clickable Call to Action

    Ah, the call to action. That’s what it all comes down to. All of your marketing efforts, from advertising on social media to optimizing your page for search engines, are designed in one way or another to create conversions. And you get conversions from the CTA. The call to action is that critical tipping point between a bounce and a conversion.

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  • Want To Win Fights With Your Web Designer? Use These CRO Tactics

    Normally, I’m a pretty peaceful person. But sometimes there are things worth fighting for. When conversion optimization faces off with other forces in the digital marketing world, sparks will fly. As conversion rate optimization pros (CROs), we need to understand that we are the spear tip of Web marketing. Design is important. Social media is enormous. SEO is essential. UX is critical.

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  • Should You Change User Behavior on Your Landing Pages?

    Many marketers believe that they are supposed to change a user’s behavior. According to the theory, an effective landing page will challenge a user’s existing behavior and attempt to get them to adopt a new behavior that involves a conversion action. Most landing pages are attempting to coerce a potential customer to get, do, buy, change! This, I would argue, is a shortsighted strategy.

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  • 4 Underused Data Points For Conversion Optimization

    Most of the time when we conversion optimizers talk shop, we look at one all-important number: the conversion rate. This makes sense. After all, the goal of a conversion optimizers is to…say it with me…optimize for conversions! But in reality, conversion optimizers look at lots of data. Our world is full of numbers, percentages, decimal points, pie charts, line graphs, and ...

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  • High-Octane Conversion Tips For Product Images

    I love images. Images, as I’ve argued before, are like a secret weapon for conversion optimization. They’re pure, raw, unobstructed power. Regardless of the context or circumstances, images are powerful. From their explosive psychological impact to their persuasive power, images just plain work. But what about product images? That’s what I want to explore in this article.

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