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  • How can small businesses get started with marketing automation?

    While the use of marketing automation is increasing in terms of the number of businesses using automation and the level to which those businesses are using it, what we do know if that adoption is faster among larger businesses. A recent Raab Report found that 60 percent of those with revenues exceeding $500 million have already implemented marketing automation, but just 3 perc ...

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  • How can small businesses get started with mobile marketing?

    In this expert interview, we ask mobile marketing specialist, Franco Beschizza, how businesses can get started with mobile marketing. There are lots of examples of big brands doing big things with mobile marketing, but what about small businesses and agencies? Is the opportunity there? Absolutely. As consumers move towards a more mobile ecosphere, and new low-cost cloud-based m ...

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  • How to succeed at mobile marketing on a shoestring

    Editor’s note: This post comes from our Constant Contact UK team. You can view all the posts from our UK team here. Or connect with us on Facebook and Twitter. Allow us to take a wild guess. You are tired of hearing people say that you need to be doing mobile marketing. You already know that mobile marketing is blowing up.

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  • 5 ways to use Twitter’s Direct Messages as a small business

    You know about Twitter. But what about its lesser-known Direct Messages feature — the self-professed “private side of Twitter”? Well it turns out you can win some serious brownie points with your audience when you use Direct Messages correctly. Great social marketing is about feeding the conversation around your business.

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  • How small businesses can benefit from marketing automation

    Does marketing automation work? It’s a question plenty of small businesses are asking as they look to get more bang for their buck from their marketing campaigns. So we set about finding out. Our research is neatly displayed in the infographic below. As you will see, the case for marketing automation is pretty darn compelling.

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  • 4 ways your small business can leap to success in 2016

    Some of the best marketing ideas come from being in the moment. Capturing the zeitgeist. Having your finger gaffa-taped to The Pulse — whatever that is. With 2016’s Leap Day whirring towards us, here are some ideas to get you thinking about how you can pay homage to Leap Year while engaging your target audience with novel promotional ideas.

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  • 6 ideas to spruce up your email marketing for Valentine’s Day

    Love it or loathe it, Valentine’s Day is coming. You can almost smell the Chanel. That means it’s time for your small business to think of ways to piggyback on the occasion. You already have a direct route into your target audience’s world — the email inbox. Your mission is to figure out how you can help your subscribers create a suitably earth-shattering Valentine’s Day for ...

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  • 5 ways to use personalisation in your email marketing

    Email marketing is about nurturing a connection with your audience. Personalising your emails gives you a cracking shortcut. How? Well, think about your own email habits. Given the choice between a generic email sent to every subscriber and an email that has been curated for your specific interests, which would you rather read? The stats fuel the case for personalisation.

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  • 5 ways to use Facebook Live for your small business

    Another day. Another marketing platform. Another way for you to connect with your target audience. Facebook Live is the new extension to Facebook that, pretty soon, you will be hearing a lot about. But what is Facebook Live? And — more to the point — how can small businesses like yours use it to supercharge your marketing? On 30th September 1929, British media changed forever.

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  • How to measure the effectiveness of content

    Editor’s note: This post comes from our Constant Contact UK office. You can view all the posts from our UK team here. Or connect with us on Facebook and Twitter. During our ‘Growing your digital marketing agency: solving the measurement puzzle’ webinar we conducted a poll, asking which digital marketing activity our viewers (agencies and consultants) found the hardest to measure.

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  • 4 digital marketing trends to embrace in 2016

    You don’t have a crystal ball. That makes it a bit tricky to outmuscle your competitors by predicting the next big digital marketing trends. But don’t worry. It doesn’t have to be all guesswork. There are a few things that look nailed on to shake up digital marketing for small businesses in 2016. Here’s your rundown: Search: optimise for small screens 2015 saw Google finally ...

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