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  • 3 Important SEO Steps to Take Right Away

    What if we’re thinking about SEO all wrong? You won’t be shocked to see such a question posed on this site — one that harbors posts in its archive with headlines like SEO is Dead and What if You Could Simply Eliminate SEO from Your Life? Don’t get me wrong: we’re not anti-SEO. Heck, we were recently awarded a U.S.

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  • How to Build a Better WordPress Website … One Week at a Time

    What is the key to building a better website? Well, you first need an idea. And it needs to be useful. Next, you need to start with the right stuff, the right raw materials. You clicked on the headline of this post, so perhaps you’re already using WordPress or strongly considering it. Good choice. Continue down that path. After that, you have to be willing to hit Publish.

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  • Your Content Marketing Won’t Work Without This

    “What is copy?” My wife asked me this a few days ago. I had been going on and on at dinner, hands gesturing, spittle flying, talking about something work-related. She waited patiently until I was finished to ask. Her question jarred me. It had been a while since I’d thought about what “copy” is. And in that moment, my immediate reaction was to remember how I used to hate the word.

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  • 7 Easy-to-Forget SEO Steps You Need to Consider Every Time You Publish

    “But I don’t really think about SEO very much anymore.” That was my initial reaction when we all agreed that March would be SEO month here at Copyblogger. At which point, of course, I knew I’d have to write about it. “Look, I just create useful content for people. Do that, get it read, get it shared, get links, have good hosting and fast page-load times … and productive ...

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  • 5 Cognitive Biases You Need to Put to Work … Without Being Evil

    All writing is persuasion in one form or another. This is more obvious in some types of writing than others, but it is nonetheless true for all. When it comes to copywriting, it is clearly true. Every piece of copy we write should drive a reader toward a specific action. “Writing gives you the illusion of control, and then you realize it’s just an illusion, that people ar ...

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  • [Last Day] Get in Digital Commerce Academy Before Doors Close

    One final note to let you know that the doors close to Digital Commerce Academy later today at 5:00 p.m. Pacific Time. We’ll reopen to new members in 2017, and when we do, the annual price will be $400 higher than it is right now. So start your Academy membership today — because the low price you lock in now will be the price you pay for the lifetime of your account, no mat ...

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  • Join Digital Commerce Academy Before the Doors Close (and Price Goes Up)

    I have a few quick questions for you … Do you realize that worldwide sales of ebooks exceeded $9 billion in 2015? Did you know that online education is now a $21.3 billion per year market in the U.S. alone? And would you like to tap into a small, little portion of those massive pies to claim your own piece? If so, joining Digital Commerce Academy may be a smart cho ...

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  • The Most Powerful Way to Persuade

    He’d been on the job just two short weeks. Two weeks at the most prestigious publication in his industry, and he was already on the brink of bringing The Entire Machine to a halt. With a thud, not a screech. With a Wednesday article deadline looming, on Monday morning he had nothing but the few beads of sweat forming on his brow. Those were something at least, so he didn’t wipe them away.

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  • Last Chance to Get 30% Off Everything at StudioPress

    Prices go back to normal tonight! Just a friendly reminder that our big blowout sale ends today (8/30/16) at 5:00 p.m. Pacific Time. Until then, you can get anything we sell at StudioPress — including the Pro Plus All-Theme Package — for 30 percent off. To activate your discount, click this link. Then browse individual themes, and pick up as many as you want for 30 percent off.

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  • How to Get 30% Off Our Most Popular Premium WordPress Themes

    Only a few days left before this offer expires … On Tuesday, I alerted you to the massive StudioPress blowout sale going on this week. Basically, it’s our big annual Black Monday discount delivered three months in advance. The details couldn’t be simpler: Until the offer expires on Tuesday, August 30 at 5:00 p.m. Pacific Time, you get 30 percent off everything we sell at StudioPress.

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  • [Blowout Sale] Get 30% Off ALL Premium WordPress Themes

    Plus a special offer for the Pro Plus All-Theme Package … Black Monday … in August? Pretty much. You may recall that every year around late October or November we offer a big discount or valuable bundle. Well, we recently ironed out our promotional schedule for the rest of 2016 … and this year’s Black Monday sale is not going to include StudioPress. This is no slight to StudioPress.

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  • Are You a Digital Entrepreneur?

    It’s been said that every entrepreneur is a digital entrepreneur. This is right. This is wrong. It’s right in the sense that all entrepreneurs are using digital technology to build, launch, and grow their businesses. But it’s wrong in the sense that not all entrepreneurs are doing everything digitally — which is, amazingly, now possible to do.

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