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  • 7 Easy-to-Forget SEO Steps You Need to Consider Every Time You Publish

    “But I don’t really think about SEO very much anymore.” That was my initial reaction when we all agreed that March would be SEO month here at Copyblogger. At which point, of course, I knew I’d have to write about it. “Look, I just create useful content for people. Do that, get it read, get it shared, get links, have good hosting and fast page-load times … and productive ...

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  • 5 Cognitive Biases You Need to Put to Work … Without Being Evil

    All writing is persuasion in one form or another. This is more obvious in some types of writing than others, but it is nonetheless true for all. When it comes to copywriting, it is clearly true. Every piece of copy we write should drive a reader toward a specific action. “Writing gives you the illusion of control, and then you realize it’s just an illusion, that people ar ...

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  • [Last Day] Get in Digital Commerce Academy Before Doors Close

    One final note to let you know that the doors close to Digital Commerce Academy later today at 5:00 p.m. Pacific Time. We’ll reopen to new members in 2017, and when we do, the annual price will be $400 higher than it is right now. So start your Academy membership today — because the low price you lock in now will be the price you pay for the lifetime of your account, no mat ...

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  • Join Digital Commerce Academy Before the Doors Close (and Price Goes Up)

    I have a few quick questions for you … Do you realize that worldwide sales of ebooks exceeded $9 billion in 2015? Did you know that online education is now a $21.3 billion per year market in the U.S. alone? And would you like to tap into a small, little portion of those massive pies to claim your own piece? If so, joining Digital Commerce Academy may be a smart cho ...

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  • The Most Powerful Way to Persuade

    He’d been on the job just two short weeks. Two weeks at the most prestigious publication in his industry, and he was already on the brink of bringing The Entire Machine to a halt. With a thud, not a screech. With a Wednesday article deadline looming, on Monday morning he had nothing but the few beads of sweat forming on his brow. Those were something at least, so he didn’t wipe them away.

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  • Last Chance to Get 30% Off Everything at StudioPress

    Prices go back to normal tonight! Just a friendly reminder that our big blowout sale ends today (8/30/16) at 5:00 p.m. Pacific Time. Until then, you can get anything we sell at StudioPress — including the Pro Plus All-Theme Package — for 30 percent off. To activate your discount, click this link. Then browse individual themes, and pick up as many as you want for 30 percent off.

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  • How to Get 30% Off Our Most Popular Premium WordPress Themes

    Only a few days left before this offer expires … On Tuesday, I alerted you to the massive StudioPress blowout sale going on this week. Basically, it’s our big annual Black Monday discount delivered three months in advance. The details couldn’t be simpler: Until the offer expires on Tuesday, August 30 at 5:00 p.m. Pacific Time, you get 30 percent off everything we sell at StudioPress.

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  • [Blowout Sale] Get 30% Off ALL Premium WordPress Themes

    Plus a special offer for the Pro Plus All-Theme Package … Black Monday … in August? Pretty much. You may recall that every year around late October or November we offer a big discount or valuable bundle. Well, we recently ironed out our promotional schedule for the rest of 2016 … and this year’s Black Monday sale is not going to include StudioPress. This is no slight to StudioPress.

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  • Are You a Digital Entrepreneur?

    It’s been said that every entrepreneur is a digital entrepreneur. This is right. This is wrong. It’s right in the sense that all entrepreneurs are using digital technology to build, launch, and grow their businesses. But it’s wrong in the sense that not all entrepreneurs are doing everything digitally — which is, amazingly, now possible to do.

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  • Get Instant Access to Proven Advice for Digital Entrepreneurs (No Charge)

    Do you want to build an amazing business and lifestyle? Well … Listening to theorists, rather than practitioners, isn’t going to get it done. Reading a few articles isn’t going to get it done. Daydreaming, without actually doing, isn’t going to get it done. If you want to build the business and lifestyle of your dreams, then you need to take the first step.

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  • Just 9 Hours Left: Join The Showrunner Podcasting Course Today

    One final reminder. You have until today (February 19, 2016) at 8:00 p.m. Eastern Time (7:00 p.m. CT, 6:00 p.m. MT, 5:00 p.m. PT) to join The Showrunner Podcasting Course before we close the doors to new registrants. To learn more about the course, and decide if you want to join the hundreds of others who have already made the investment to learn our proven step-by-step pro ...

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  • What Is the True Cost of Building and Managing a WordPress Website?

    In any description of WordPress features, there’s one word you’re sure to see: Free. This is, of course, true. The files necessary to install WordPress on a server and run it are indeed free. A casual content producer could even sign up at and run their entire website for free, never paying a dime if all they wanted were the most basic features.

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  • What Could Happen if You Launch a Podcast in the Next 30 Days?

    Let’s start with a question you know the answer to: What do you need to build a successful online business today? Well, you start with a growing, loyal audience who views you as an authority. Content Marketing 101. Now another question you probably can answer: How do you stand out from the crowd, cut through the noise, and build an authentic connection with an audience wh ...

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  • Free Webinar: Unleash These 13 ‘Hidden’ Features of the Rainmaker Platform

    The Rainmaker Platform has so many useful features, it’s easy to overlook a few here and there. But one of those overlooked features may be exactly the feature you need to attract your next audience member or convert your next customer. In this webinar, the sixth in our six-part Rainmaker Platform webinar series, Chris Garrett and I will walk you through 13 “hidden” feature ...

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  • Last Day: Get Rainmaker Standard Before It’s Gone

    This is it. The last day of Rainmaker Standard’s existence. After today, there will be no more Rainmaker Standard and no more Rainmaker Pro. There will simply be the Rainmaker Platform. It’s everything you need — an all-in-one total online marketing solution that gives you the ability to create meaningful online experiences for your audience, which will make you a lot more money.

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  • Free Webinar: Make Your Content Adaptive with Marketing Automation

    The right content for the right person at the right time. That’s the goal of adaptive content. The benefit to your audience is a more tailored, valuable experience. The benefit to you is a deeper, more meaningful relationship with your audience. A smart adaptive content strategy can turn audience members into customers, and it can turn customers into repeat customers.

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  • Last Chance to Save: Our Sale Ends in a Few Hours

    Only a few hours left. This year’s Black Monday-to-Monday sale ends later today (November 16, 2015) — at 5:00 p.m. Pacific Time to be exact. Here are the two deals you can take advantage of, plus one important point to remember: DEAL #1 Get our StudioPress All-Theme Pack for $150 off With the StudioPress Pro Plus All-Theme Pack, which normally costs $499.

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  • Black Monday-to-Monday: Our Two Most Popular Deals, Back by Popular Demand

    A few years ago, we started hosting an annual “Black Monday-to-Monday” sale several weeks before Thanksgiving — figuring you’d have enough on your, ahem, plate once the real Black Friday rolls around. That initial promotion, and every one that’s followed, has been wildly successful. Although, since the idea seems to be catching on, we may move it to September next year.

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