jerod morris & jon nastor

  • Professional Podcasting Tips for Pristine Production (and Hosting Hacks)

    What are Jonny’s “4 Ds of Pristine Production?” You’ll find out in this week’s episode of The Showrunner. We begin this episode by discussing the how and the what of podcasting — and more importantly, which one we place a greater emphasis on. (You probably won’t be surprised by our answers.) Then we dive into Jonny’s 4 Ds, which cover: T ...

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  • Is It Okay to Alternate Between Monologues and Interviews?

    We’re back! In this week’s episode, we explain why we didn’t publish a new episode last week and what you can learn from our mistake. Then we discuss a listener question that leads to an important epiphany from Jonny. The question we tackle is whether or not it’s okay to alternate between monologues and interviews in the same podcast feed.

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  • Should You Still Start a Podcast? (Ask Yourself These 3 Questions)

    As Showrunners, we understand that the act of creation and publishing brings about detractors — sometimes more aptly referred to as haters. To thrive in this space, we need to wear our first (and subsequent) negative reviews as badges of honor. This is part of the game and an integral part of being a Showrunner.

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  • The Right Way to Approach Branding Your Podcast

    With Jonny focused on preparing to lead his first-ever workshop, we took a week off from recording a new episode. Instead, we decided to rebroadcast an oldie but goodie, and one that pairs especially well with last week’s episode about show intros. You may think that branding your podcast begins with the name and ends with your show art. Not so.

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  • Is Your Intro Silently Killing Your Show?

    Each introduction to every one of our shows presents a massive opportunity. An opportunity to orient your listener, establish pacing, drive intrigue, and keep them listening … or an opportunity to drag down your show before it even starts. In this episode of The Showrunner, we discuss tips to help you achieve the former and a ...

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  • Why Podcast Advertising Works (and How to Get Started), with Glenn Rubenstein

    Up until today, we’ve exhaustively covered the topic of podcast sponsorships and monetization. But each time we’ve covered it from only one perspective — the perspective we know as showrunners. Today, we are talking to an absolute expert in podcast advertising. In fact, our guest spent years selling podcast ads for TWiT.

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  • The Brilliant Strategy and Backstory Behind Zero to Book

    Pamela Wilson just launched a book — Master Content Marketing — and a podcast played a key role in the project from idea inception to launch. She dishes on the details in this episode of The Showrunner. In this lesson, Pamela describes how she: “Showed her work” every step of the way with Developed a ...

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  • Empathy Maps: A Podcaster’s Guide

    What if you knew exactly what your listener was thinking, feeling, and seeing when they listened to your show? To even think about having that kind of deep insight is empowering. In this episode, Jerod and Jonny discuss the simple steps you need to take to acquire this valuable insight, and then use it to take your liste ...

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  • How to Create a MVP (Minimum Viable Podcast)

    Have you ever fallen off the podcasting wagon? Or come close? In tough times, it can be useful to consider the idea of the minimum viable podcast. So long as you’re willing to never compromise on producing useful audio, this version of the MVP can be extremely helpful to keep you moving forward. In this episode, Jonny and Jerod discuss the following: The mantra of a Show ...

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  • When Is the Right Time to Start Another Podcast?

    In the past, we’ve laid out how to decide what topic to podcast about and how to decide what your podcast should be about, and we stand behind both pieces of advice. Today, we are talking to the Showrunners who are running a podcast and are thinking about starting a second one — or maybe even a third or fourth. Jerod and Jonny are both thinking about starting new sh ...

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  • 3 Important Lessons about Sponsorships that Will Make You More Money

    Do you want to make more money from your podcast? Rhetorical question. Of course you do! We all do. One of the clearest paths to revenue with a podcast is sponsorship, but it can also be the most difficult to tap into it, especially for newer or niche shows. In this episode, Jerod shares three lessons he learned recently when he signed a new sponsor on to one of his shows.

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  • How to Identify Potential Guests for Your Show

    We’re back! And, we hope, better than ever. In our triumphant return to the mics for the beginning of Season 2 of The Showrunner, we tackle a listener topic idea that we’ve had percolating for a while and discuss the best methods for identifying potential guests for your show. Here is the idea, submitted by loyal listener Chris Conner, who hosts Life Science Marketing Radio.

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