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  • Designing Infographics For Mobile

    Infographics have long been a content marketers staple, but let’s face it, any content that requires viewers to pinch, zoom, and pan is going to turn people off. We simply cannot abandon mobile users if we want our content to have a maximum impact so that means we need to create or retro-fit infographics for a mobile audience.

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  • 24 Days of Content Marketing

    Sometimes ideas build like a thunderstorm in the distance. Those you can plan for. But often they come like a bolt of lightning, igniting a nearby tree and you just have to run with it. I came up with the idea to do a string of micro-content based on content marketing, and release one a day leading up until Christmas, basically an advent calendar. Hashtag #24daysofContentMarketing.

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  • Are Infographics Dead?

    Betterbridge’s law of headlines states that “Any headline which ends in a question mark can be answered by the word no”. So let me start off by concluding that the answer to this headline is an unsatisfactory… yes and no. The Yes Part Infographics have long been the darling of the content marketing world.

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  • 5 Things Designers See That You Can’t Unsee

    by Jess Bachman 3 hours ago Filed Under: Design 1. Unkerned Letters. Unkerned? Yes it’s a word. It means not kerned! Kerned? Yes that’s a word too. It has to do with the spacing between individual letters. In most applications it’s not an issue, but if left unchecked it can get ugly. Uncommon fonts are the worst offenders but only designers will get irritated when the differe ...

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  • mac makeup twitter Cheap price YJDY1-477

    mac makeup twitter Cheap price YJDY1-477 Lancome Makeup By simply Aileen Graef |March 10, 2014 in 9: fifty nine ARE | Responses 7700 FAIRFIELD LOCAL, Conn., Drive 10 (UPI) — Papa involving Sand Lift present shooter Adam Lanza addresses with regards to the kid throughout the 1st appointment since taking pictures while using Brand-new Yorker expressing that will the kid woul ...

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