Jesse Morris

  • Why Replacing All Copy with Promotional Copy Isn’t a Good Idea

    Recently our team met with a client that had a pretty daunting request: they wanted us to completely change all of their high-performing, evergreen ad copy to promote a gift card with purchase offer. In addition, they wanted to do this twice, to create a sense of urgency. So, the first set of ad copy had “Offer Ends 5/27!”; the next set had “Offer Ends 6/10!” Historically, I ...

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  • Google’s New Call Tracking Feature – Should You Use It?

    Earlier this week, Google released a product that is in direct competition with call-tracking services like Mongoose Metrics or LogMyCalls. Obviously, Google’s not having insight into calls and revenue or leads driven from them is a big gap in data. The new product is meant to address this gap. To track offline calls, the new feature dynamically changes the phone number on y ...

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