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  • BuzzFeed’s shift to video extends to UK

    BuzzFeed’s shift to video is taking hold in its U.K. operations. The digital media company is doubling the size of its London office so it can house two new studios with a particular focus on sponsor video. The goal: to bring all video production made on behalf of U.K. advertisers in-house. Previously, the set-up has involved a lot of the video production and editing handled i ...

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  • ‘We’ve created a monster’: Publishers vent ad tech frustrations

    Relationships between ad tech vendors and publishers are more strained than ever. Over the last five years, programmatic trading has gone from being a peripheral way for publishers to monetize display inventory, to the dominant method for many. More than 60 percent of the £3 billion ($4 billion) digital ad spend in the U.K. was traded programmatically in 2015, according to the IAB.

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  • How Bleacher Report is expanding in the UK

    When you walk into Bleacher Report’s U.K. offices in London, the first thing you notice is a video studio dedicated entirely to shooting Facebook Live streams and Snapchat Discover content. Yesterday, former NFL star Osi Umenyiora was front of camera filming his weekly snaps. The topic: NFL predictions and player weightlifting techniques.

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  • How The Sun uses Facebook to build audience, since dropping its paywall

    National tabloid The Sun has learned a lot since dropping its paywall last November. For starters, the News UK-owned title, has had to lean hard on Facebook to help drive up its audience. And not for the same reasons that most publishers would typically cite. Coming out from behind the paywall a year ago, it found itself with zero search equity. That’s a daunting place for a publisher to be.

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  • How football site Goal is using Facebook for global reach

    Football news site Goal has global ambitions. The site publishes 37 digital editions in 18 languages, and naturally Facebook front and center of its global plans. The site, owned by Perform Media, has 1.5 million monthly visitors in the U.K., according to ComScore. But Facebook is where the fastest international growth lies, and it has 52 million followers.

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  • The Daily Mail wants to sell you bedroom furniture

    E-commerce has been on the menu at British tabloid the Daily Mail for years, but today the publisher showed it’s got far greater ambitions for this particular revenue stream. The publisher has relaunched its online shop as a slicker proposition, with 80,000 product lines, compared to the 3,000 it previously had, and has beefed up its team of retail and e-commerce experts.

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  • ‘Fewer is better’: How the Guardian is plotting sales growth

    When former Google executive Hamish Nicklin joined the Guardian as CRO three months ago, he wasn’t shy about shaking things up at the publisher. These are tough times at The Guardian, and it’s committed to cutting costs by 20 percent over three years. But businesses can’t cut their way to growth. Nicklin is revamping the publication’s sales team, recasting its product set and ...

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  • ‘Biggest danger is apathy’: John Lewis data privacy boss on EU data protection laws

    The Wright stuff: ‘We’ve got to get a grip’ Brexit may have created a lot of uncertainties for businesses, but one thing is clear: British businesses will likely have to comply with the same data protection laws as Europe if they want to continue trading as a single market. And that means marketers need to start getting a handle on how to prepare for the General Data Protection ...

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  • The Guardian is the latest publisher to join Amazon Echo

    The Guardian is among the first publishers in the U.K. to jump on Amazon Echo, which debuted in the U.K. on Wednesday. Amazon’s Echo voice-controlled speaker allows people to call up information, music, even jokes. The Guardian is making its podcasts, news, opinion and reviews accessible. Echo users can get Guardian headlines or news on a particular topic, like sports or the U.S.

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  • The New York Times’ global ambitions face tough challenges

    For the New York Times to meet the ambitious target of doubling its digital business in the next five years, it must become a global media company. That’s no easy task, even for a brand that commands such global recognition and respect as the New York Times. The challenges the Times faces are many. Europe alone has 44 countries and more than a few languages.

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  • Politico expands subscription service in Europe

    Politico is expanding its subscriptions business in Europe, adding a seventh vertical in transportation. Some of the biggest EU regulatory updates coming down the pike in the coming months are around aviation and drones, and Politico wants to be ready when those major talking points hit. Although Politico is known as a niche title, its differentiation within the European trans ...

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  • Beware of page latency: The side effects to header bidding

    For many publishers, header bidding has become synonymous with boosting yields on programmatic ads. Most publishers in the U.K. and U.S. use it in some shape or form, or plan to in the next year, according to an AOL report in August. And it’s no wonder, given the short-term revenue bumps publishers are gaining.

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  • German publisher Gruner + Jahr’s latest ad blocking tactic: Humor

    German publishing giant Gruner + Jahr has one of the more sophisticated ad blocking strategies in the market. When it first took action last November, it followed in Axel Springer’s footsteps with a hard ban on ad blocker users accessing its special-interest magazine sites. But it held back on running a hard ban across its main news brand Stern.

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  • Deutsche Telekom media chief: ‘Attitudes to rebates are changing in Europe’

    Deutsche Telekom is two years into a massive digital transformation project. The goal: to take control of its media-buying practice and ensure it’s getting the transparency it wants on digital-media trading, a strategy driven by the continuing process of arbitrage. That’s fundamentally changed how it works with its agencies.

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