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  • How Dennis is fighting ad blocking with a data-focused approach

    Ad blocking remains a serious threat for British consumer magazine group Dennis. The publisher has spent the last six months rigorously testing a variety of ad blocking messages across four of its brands and will soon roll out more to its remaining magazines. Dennis tested several different methods across technology brands Alphr, IT Pro, auto title CarBuyer and The Week, court ...

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  • Getting louder: A view of the programmatic audio landscape

    It could be time for programmatic audio’s time in the sun. The growing popularity of mobile audio streaming and podcasts, along with the pressures on display advertising, is putting programmatic audio front of mind for both buyers and sellers. “Programmatic is becoming a cornerstone of any audio plan,” said Jo Blake, Havas Media’s head of publishing and outdoor.

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  • Yahoo is courting UK publishers to feed its news feed

    Facebook’s not the only news feed in town. Yahoo is courting British newspapers and publishers to push their content to Yahoo’s. The Guardian, The Telegraph, ESi Media, and Hearst UK have all signed agreements with the platform to run videos and text articles via Yahoo’s News Feed in five countries: the U.K., the U.S., Canada, India and Singapore. Stories began rolling out in the feed last week.

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  • ‘Sledgehammer to crack a nut’: Publishers respond to fallout from latest brand-safety bungle

    Programmatic advertising has been back under the spotlight this last week, and uncomfortably so. The trigger this time: An article published by The Times last week, naming a bunch of brands whose ads had been found adjacent to videos filmed by Islamic extremists, on YouTube and other fake sites. Nothing new, perhaps, but being thrust into mainstream view so plainly has sent br ...

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  • ‘Beyond just impressions’: Inside Goal’s first sponsored Facebook Live TV series

    Football site Goal is exploring longer TV-quality shows specifically for Facebook Live, which can be monetized via branded-content segments. The Perform Media-owned sports publisher rolled out a weekly Facebook Live football show called “Studs Up,” last Thursday, targeted at young football fans and featuring its first sponsored segment in a Live show.

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  • The winners and losers of the server-to-server programmatic arms race

    Nothing stays static for long in digital advertising. The use of header bidding, a method that lets buyers bid simultaneously in auctions, has been popular among publishers, for its ability to drive up programmatic revenue yields. But it can only scale so far, since the more demand partners a publisher plugs in, the greater the risk of page latencies.

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  • How Trinity Mirror is using server-side ad trading to tap brand budgets

    Six months after British newspaper group Trinity Mirror integrated a server-to-server solution — the sequel to header bidding — the publisher is getting advertisers to increase their programmatic ad spending. In one test, it reduced an advertiser’s cost per acquisitions by 75 percent and got that advertiser to increase its programmatic spending by 175-fold, according to Trinity Mirror.

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  • Lower match rates and reduced yields: Publishers’ concerns about server-side header bidding

    Server-side header bidding may be a hot topic in certain publishing circles. But like any new technology, it has its weak spots. And not all publishers are convinced the trade-offs the method generates are worth it, yet. The term is being used to describe the next phase of header bidding. Typical header bidding, known as “client-side or “browser-based header bidding” has becom ...

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  • ‘We need to fix the pipeline’: One marketer’s crusade against funding fake news

    ‘Fearless’: Hensel It is relatively simple for a website that spreads lies to make money. But in an era of automated advertising, marketers’ awareness of where their online ads may appear can be patchy at best — particularly in markets that are less advanced than the U.K. and U.S. in programmatic trading, like Germany.

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  • Le Monde identifies 600 unreliable websites in fake-news crackdown

    Le Monde is set to release a suite of products designed to throttle the spread of fake news online. “Decodex” is the name for the French newspaper’s three fact-checking products powered by a database of 600 websites deemed unreliable and compiled by Le Monde’s fact-checking unit, Les Décodeurs, over the last year.

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  • WTF is programmatic guaranteed?

    Ad tech is a constantly evolving beast. And the words that describe the various programmatic trading methods are changing right along with it. That means there are always new terms to learn. Look no further than programmatic guaranteed, a different flavor of programmatic trading that was properly introduced to the market last year.

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  • Confessions of a digital media vet: ‘Digital industry ghettoizes itself’

    So much of the blame for digital media’s woes is being placed on the Google-Facebook duopoly. But media owners and agencies alike would do well to look in the mirror — and get out of their own way. This, anyway, is the point of view of one digital media and advertising veteran who has worked in the industry for 26 years at a range of traditional and digital media owners, and ha ...

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  • A view of the post-cookie measurement battleground

    Identity measurement is hot in online advertising, again. Stitching together an individual’s cross-device user journey has always been nearly impossible to do with real precision, largely because mobile usage can’t be tracked through cookies. That’s why the term “identity measurement” has come to be regarded as the next best thing to the cookie, when it comes to tracking a per ...

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  • Inside football site Goal’s Instagram Stories strategy

    Football site Goal is pouring resource into Instagram Stories, having figured out the sweet spot for the right content mix. ThePerform Media site has grown its overall Instagram base from a few hundred thousand to 1.5 million in the last six months, and had 230,000 video views on the platform last month, according to Tubular Labs. Goal says it is getting about 25,000 views per Story.

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  • WTF is the EU ePrivacy directive?

    A term which has been dormant in media headlines, and most likely Google searches, for a couple of years, resurfaced again this week: The European Union ePrivacy directive, also known as the EU cookie directive, is back. This has been due a revision that updates it to correlate better with its big brother, the General Data Protection Regulations.

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