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  • ‘The days of captive supply are gone’: 5 things to know about server-side bidding

    Header bidding will likely remain a favorite tactic among publishers seeking programmatic revenue bumps for some time, but server-side bidding is taking more of the spotlight. Ahead of Digiday’s Hot Topic: Header Bidding event on June 8, we spoke to some of the speakers about the challenges and opportunities around server-side bidding, a variant of header bidding now taking hold.

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  • The Telegraph used header bidding to increase programmatic revenue by 70 percent

    Header bidding may have its drawbacks, but for now it’s driving big revenue gains for publishers. The Telegraph began using header bidding for all its inventory nine months ago and claims programmatic revenues are now 70 percent higher than what they were this time last year as a direct result. The British newspaper is on a mission to get all its digital inventory into a unifi ...

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  • A cheat sheet on the Guardian-Rubicon Project lawsuit

    The Guardian is suing Rubicon Project, alleging the vendor siphoned undisclosed fees from programmatic advertising buys across its site. Rubicon Project has since filed a counterclaim, denying liability. The lawsuit, which is ongoing, will likely have a lasting effect on the transparency in digital advertising trading. Below are key updates.

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  • How HuffPost is knitting together its far-flung international newsrooms

    HuffPost has taken a step further in its mission of becoming a more unified global newsroom. The publisher, which has 17 international editions, wants each newsroom to collaborate more closely on stories that are of global interest. To start this editorial mandate, it has hired New York-based Politico Europe editor Louise Roug as its international director.

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  • Two years in: What Bleacher Report has learned from Snapchat Discover

    Bleacher Report U.K. has experimented with hundreds of different formats on Snapchat Discover over the last two years. The upshot: Don’t get too comfortable. Bleacher Report is somewhat unique among U.S. Snapchat publishers in that it got its start in the U.K. The London team has four people dedicated to creating two English-language Discover editions a day, one for internatio ...

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  • How Axel Springer’s Bild plans to build a loyal Snapchat Discover audience

    Axel Springer tabloid Bild wants to cultivate a new, loyal audience on Snapchat Discover. With Germany’s presidential election looming, figuring out how to make political news stand out on Discover will be top priority. The publisher has tested a mix of topics since Discover’s launch in Germany three weeks ago. Weekday editions, published at 6 p.m.

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  • Pet the bunny: How UK agencies are curbing employee stress

    Agency life can be a blur of endless pitches, tight deadlines and other forms of plate spinning on behalf of clients. The global trend, at least outwardly in the face of horrors like the suicide of an agency staffer in Japan blamed on overwork, is to encourage mental well-being. Naturally, agencies are being creative about it, rather than simply making sure people work reasonab ...

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  • ‘We don’t get any real figures’: In risk-averse Germany, Snapchat faces challenges

    Snapchat is pushing further into European markets, and Germany is a big priority. But growth there won’t be easy. What works in the U.S. and Britain doesn’t necessarily fly in Germany, where business executives can be more risk averse. And defaulting to Snapchat’s success in the U.S. doesn’t cut it with all publishing and media agency execs in Germany.

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  • Spiegel Online has a 10-person Snapchat Discover team

    Snapchat Discover is just two weeks old in Germany, but publisher Spiegel Online is betting big on the platform to reach the app’s coveted young audience. Spiegel Online, one of Germany’s largest news publishers and one of the Discover launch partners (along with Bild, Sky Sport and Vice), dedicated 10 people with text, video and motion design backgrounds to create a daily Dis ...

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  • Seb Joseph joins Digiday’s UK team as brands editor

    We’re delighted to welcome Seb Joseph to the Digiday U.K. team as brands editor, charged with building Digiday’s marketing coverage in the U.K. and Europe. Seb joins us from The Drum, where he served as news editor for the last two years. Before that, he was at Marketing Week for several years and previously worked for its former sister title New Media Age, now Econsultancy.

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  • Axel Springer pushes for transparency in its programmatic advertising

    Big publishers are taking control of their relationship with platform giants Google, Facebook, Apple and Amazon, said Carsten Schwecke, chief digital officer of Axel Springer’s sales house, Media Impact. “That fear which used to exist, and where you couldn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel, is no longer driving the market,” said Schwecke, speaking to Digiday at AppNexus ...

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  • The global state of digital advertising in 5 charts

    Digital media advertising may still be dogged by issues like fraud, brand safety and dodgy measurement, but that’s not stopping the flow of ad dollars. Digital advertising is expected to account for 77 cents of each new ad dollar in 2017, according to GroupM’s “Interaction 2017” report, out this week. Unsurprisingly, Google and Facebook are leading the pack.

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  • The procrastinating publisher’s cheat sheet to the new European data rules

    Publishers are feeling jittery about the new European privacy and data regulations coming down the pike. The new rules, which take effect in 2018, will drastically change how companies collect their customer and audience data. Like all EU rule changes, the devil is in the details — and the details can be eye-watering. And it appears publishers are putting off preparations to the last minute.

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  • OH at Digiday Programmatic Summit Europe: ‘The trust feels very broken’

    Publishers, brands, agencies and tech vendors from across Europe gathered this week near Dublin to discuss some of the biggest issues facing programmatic advertising. Chief among them: How to solve transparency issues in digital advertising, know where and how ads are appearing and fix the programmatic talent crunch.

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  • The Guardian pulls out of Facebook’s Instant Articles and Apple News

    Publishers aren’t happy with the deal platforms are cutting them. Now, the Guardian has dropped both Facebook’s fast-loading Instant Article format and removed its content from Apple News. The publisher had gone all-in on Instant Articles, running every single Guardian article via the format for the last year. It was one of first U.K.

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  • Thanks to surprise British election, The Spectator triples daily subscriber sales

    In the U.S., publishers are enjoying the Trump bump. In the U.K., the drama of the Brexit fallout likewise continues to deliver. British prime minister Theresa May has seen to that, this week catching everyone off guard with plans to hold a snap general election in June. Publishers will have good cause to rub their hands in glee.

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  • In France, Snapchat takes the lead in producing political content

    Snapchat Discover is notorious for its Kardashian content in the U.S., but in France, Snapchat Discover has become a tool for French voters seeking clarity and information on the fast-approaching national elections. Interestingly, Snapchat is taking a lead role in creating political content. The platform, which has about 8 million daily users in France, according to sources, i ...

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