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  • 4 Content Marketing Fundamentals You Could Revisit With Nifty Hacks

    To succeed at content marketing, there is a basic set of skills that you must possess. This blog is a summary of the four most basic content marketing ideas with new-age hacks to help execute them. While most senior marketers are aware of and experienced in these requirements, individuals who are new to the field are likely to struggle with the volumes of guides out there.

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  • 5 Social Media Mobile Apps That Make Your Life Easy

    Social media marketing doesn’t always happen at your desk. There are times when you want to update your status, send out a tweet or reply to a fan while on-the-go. This is when you rely on social media mobile apps to make it all possible. Social media mobile apps give you the flexibility to work from anywhere and they let you get things done with a simple touch on your phone.

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  • Why You Should Get Serious About Social Media Automation

    Don’t you wish you had a few extra hours in your day? Your to do list keeps getting longer and longer, and your stress levels are rising. Something needs to get pushed back. Social media is on the chopping block. Even though you know it has long term benefits, right now it feels like a pretty low priority.

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  • Lessons from Blog Posts that Went Viral

    Do you know that a single viral blog post can make your website a hot property and create buzz around your personal or business brand very quickly. So what makes a post go viral? Let’s dissect some recent posts that captured readers’ attention and attracted loads of social media shares. Here a some examples and lessons from blog posts that went viral. 1.

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