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  • 3 Easy Steps to the Best Healthcare for Small Business

    This is a sponsored post by UnitedHealthcare. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Within the past year, UnitedHealthcare (UHC) has created an online tool to make healthcare for small businesses simpler. I wrote about it recently in the post, “How to Make Shopping for Small Business Healthcare Easy.

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  • How to Leverage the Benefits of Drop Shipping and Instagram

    If you are considering getting into the world of e-commerce, there are two aspects of the industry you should seriously consider. One is drop shipping, and the other is Instagram marketing. Photo by Bench Accounting What Is Drop Shipping? You might not be familiar with the term “drop shipping.” The reason why is likely because there’s no need for customers to be aware that drop ...

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  • How to Make Shopping for Small Business Healthcare Easy

    Out of the many challenging aspects of adult life, surely one of the most frustrating is dealing with insurance. This is true for both individuals and for companies considering small business healthcare. Because there aren’t immediate and tangible benefits, paying for insurance can feel like dumping money into a black hole. But going without health insurance could get you into real trouble.

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  • What to Do If Your E-commerce Store Is Failing

    Online shopping has only had a significant place in mainstream society for a matter of years, but there is no denying the growing impact of the e-commerce store. “Cyber Monday” has become part of our cultural terminology. And when most of us need to buy something online, Amazon is the company that likely comes to mind. E-commerce is only projected to become more widespread in the coming years.

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  • How NextCon17 Can Help You Boost Customer Experience

    Why should you sacrifice your time and money to attend a business conference? Specifically, why should you attend one like NextCon17, which explores the customer experience? Here’s how important customer experience (CX) is. A company’s financial gain could skyrocket from 25% to 95% if that company increases its customer retention rate by as little as 5%.

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  • Why Influencer Marketing Is Both Powerful and Hazardous

    Reaching consumers, especially 20-somethings, is increasingly difficult because of television’s waning marketing power. Photo by Mathias Jensen So say Sarah Frier and Matthew Townsend of Bloomberg. The result of TV’s irrelevancy is that marketers have turned to social media in order to target this sought-after demographic.

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  • How Not to Miss the Benefits of the Most Common Online Tools You Have

    You could be missing opportunities to save time and money by using the most obvious online resources at your disposal. For example, you would hardly say that email is currently a groundbreaking invention. But Pew Research Center did a study that found that, as of 2013, 61% of workers see email as the most important tool for doing their jobs.

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  • Why You Need to Treat Job Applicants Like Customers

    Like many people, I find the process of looking for a job to be tedious and draining. The last job that I really made an effort in applying to took four hours of my time, eating into my weekend and my workweek. I made it one step beyond the initial application before I was informed that I hadn’t been selected. However, the recruiter thanked me for the time I invested in applying.

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  • Why You Need to Reassess Your Workplace Safety Procedures

    When I was growing up, my dad would tell cautionary tales of ways people had been injured by doing an everyday activity around the house. He would remind me and my siblings about the dangers of falling down the stairs, electrocuting ourselves with a hair dryer, or leaning back too far in our chairs. His stories grew to be legendary in my family.

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  • What You Need to Think About When Building Your WordPress Site

    Patience is a virtue, but when it comes to technology, my patience is limited. If what I am doing takes even a few seconds more than I expected it to, I’m likely to move on pretty quickly. For example, I recently signed up for a new app. I would describe myself as a moderately interested user: I was willing to try it.

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  • How to Increase Security at Your Company

    It’s a fear every business owner has: a breach in security. Whenever you have something valuable, you risk losing it. Photo by Rob Sarmiento Whether it’s a break-in, a data hack, or employee theft, such threats cause businesses to lose time and money. More than that, these breaches can hurt customers and severely damage a company’s reputation.

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  • 3 Instagram Marketing Strategies You Need to Consider

    Eighty-three percent of Americans have at least one account on a social media platform. Almost half of the people in the U.S. have connected with a brand on a minimum of one social media channel. Because of its power, companies are constantly looking for ways to promote themselves through social media. Instagram in particular is important for brands.

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  • 3 Ways You Can Show That You Value Your Employees

    It’s a common saying: the customer is always right. It’s not hard to see why this expression became popular. Saying the customer is always right seems to emphasize the high standards of any company that would follow this motto. Contradicting this idea seems to imply that businesses should focus on themselves over those they are supposed to be serving.

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  • How to Improve Your SEO and Social Media Presence

    You can be a blogger producing the best content in the world and never be found online. Or you might have a quality product, ethically sourced at the most affordable prices. But if no one knows about you, no one is going to buy from you. Everyone who wants to be found online has three primary concerns.

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  • Eliminate eMail Spam and Free Up Your Time with SpamPhobia

    For the past several months, I’ve been helping Gail manage her email. The majority of the time I’ve spent doing so has simply been deleting spam messages. There are a ton of them, and that’s not counting the ones she deletes herself. As comedian and TED speaker James Veitch observes, “The internet gave us access to everything. But it also gave everything access to us.

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  • How PhoneBurner Can Help You Quadruple Your Productivity

    A few years ago, my brother was in Northern Virginia working political campaigns. During that time, there were periods when he and his coworkers had to call as many people as possible in a short amount of time. At one point, my brother led a “get out the vote” campaign during which a staff of 50 made around 80,000 calls over four nights.

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  • Ladder Life Insurance Makes It Easy to Protect Your Loved Ones

    Ladder Life Insurance CEO Jamie Hale says, “Life insurance sits at the intersection of financial savviness and love.” At 11 years of age, Hale’s father passed away, leaving two sons and a widow. But because his father had planned for such an eventuality, the family didn’t have to fear losing their home or leaving their community. Insurance tends to have a negative connotation.

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  • GetResponse vs. Infusionsoft: Which Marketing Solution Is Better for You?

    The engagement rate for email is strikingly higher than that for social media. The average email open rate is about 20%, compared to the 8-10% of your followers on Twitter who will see any particular tweet. The click-through rate for email is 3.3%, much higher than the average percentage of posts seen on Facebook (0.07%) or Twitter (0.03%).

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  • Make Life Easy for Your Customers with a Responsive Website

    There’s no denying the fact that if you want your business to have any kind of clout, you need to have a website. There’s also no denying the popularity of WordPress, for blogging certainly, but also for site building. But businesses looking to build websites for their organizations should probably consider a platform better suited to meeting their needs.

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  • How to Protect Yourself from Extra Vacation Rental Fees

    As I observed in a recent post, it’s important for freelancers to take vacations on a regular basis. Small business owners should remember to do so as well. But when you do, we want to make sure not to overspend. Here’s how. I’ve had quite a few opportunities in my lifetime to travel, both on vacation and for other projects. Once I went on a package tour to London and Paris.

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