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  • A big year for marketing technology: Our top columns of 2016

    Those working in the field of digital marketing have been utilizing marketing technology (martech) in some way since the dawn of the industry. As the field grows larger and more complex, technology solutions have been necessary in order to organize and make sense of the ever-growing amount of data at our fingertips. Yet, in many ways, martech is still in its infancy.

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  • SEM’s legit: Our top paid search columns of 2016

    This was an eventful year for those in the paid search community as Google introduced some significant updates to the way ads are displayed in SERPs. Thankfully, as search marketers scrambled to keep up with the seemingly endless barrage of changes, our insightful paid search columnists were there to help them make sense of it all.

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  • Eat Local: Our Top 10 Local Search Columns of 2016

    At the beginning of the year, BrightLocal conducted its annual Local SEO Industry Survey, which seeks to gauge the general mood and outlook of professionals in the local search space. At the time, 78 percent of respondents believed that 2016 would be a “good” or “great” year for business. Now, as the year comes to a close, one can only wonder: Were they right? Local SEO cont ...

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  • Organic Food For Thought: Our Top All Things SEO Columns For 2015

    It’s tough being an SEO practitioner. Every time you think you’ve got the best practices down, some new development comes along that forces you to change your tactics or adjust your strategy. From algorithm updates to SERP layout adjustments to new search features, optimizing a website for organic search can often feel like trying to hit a moving target.

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  • PPC Paydirt: Check Out Our Top Paid Search Columns Of 2015!

    The past year has seen many interesting developments in the paid search world. Google released TrueView for Shopping ads, giving advertisers the ability to feature their products alongside their TrueView in-stream video ads. Yahoo’s Gemini platform expanded its reach to Yahoo’s desktop search results this year, giving marketers another platform in which to invest their paid search efforts.

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  • Authoritative Links: Search Engine Land’s 10 Top Link Week Columns Of 2015

    When Google Webmaster Trends Analyst John Mueller said earlier this year that webmasters should “try to avoid” link building for SEO, many took this as a clear and unambiguous sign that link building as a practice was done for. As search engines continue to crack down on spammy and manipulative links, quite a number of search marketers have begun to forgo link building altog ...

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  • Search Engine Land’s Top 10 Columns Of 2014

    New Year’s Eve is typically regarded as a time of reflection — and so, in the spirit of being appropriately festive, we here at Search Engine Land would like to take a moment to reflect back upon the industry’s most significant moments of 2014. Animals whose names begin with “P” were popular this year.

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  • All Things SEO: Our Top 10 Organic Search Columns For 2014

    All Things SEO is by far our most widely read column here on Search Engine Land, and our columnists have worked hard all year to provide a wide variety of helpful SEO content for our readers. While many in the organic search community turned to these industry experts for their insights regarding major SEO developments this year — such as the Penguin 3.0 rollout and Panda updates 4.0 and 4.

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  • Quality (Score) PPC Content: Our Top 10 Paid Search Columns For 2014

    This past year brought many developments in search engine marketing (SEM), and our Paid Search columnists provided insights, tips and advice for adapting to these various changes. Search marketers briefly panicked when Google announced in April that it would be removing search query data from ad click referrer strings, fearing that this would mean the loss of keyword data in ...

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  • Mapping It Out: Our Top 10 Local Search Columns For 2014

    Consumers have grown increasingly reliant on the web for discovering local businesses and determining which ones to patronize. In fact, a survey conducted by BrightLocal earlier this year revealed that 88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations, underscoring the need for businesses to build and optimize an online presence.

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  • Useful Links For Link Builders: Our Top 10 Link Week Columns For 2014

    When Google’s head of webspam, Matt Cutts, kicked off 2014 by denouncing guest blogging as a link building strategy, link builders knew they were going to be in for an interesting year. And indeed they were right. We saw major brands like Expedia and eBay get hit with manual penalties, and many speculated that these were related to spammy link building practices.

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