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  • How to Prevent a Live Q&A from Turning into a #BrandFail

    Hyatt recently introduced World of Hyatt, the hotel operator’s new loyalty program, and the brand did a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) to showcase its features and answer questions from members. The brand made its SVP of Loyalty available for the live Q&A. And they were trolled. Hard. Here’s one example: And another: Responses like that are not exactly what a marketing or ...

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  • test video

    The leading content marketing platform: ScribbleLive gives marketers, publishers, and agencies everything they need to create effective content. Our software platform makes it possible to predict when content campaigns are going to be successful, simplifies collaboration, and helps unleash creativity. In an era when interru ...

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  • Why You Need Long-form Storytelling to Become a Thought Leader

    This is a preview/snippet from our piece: Without Long-form Storytelling, You Will Never be a Thought Leader. Thought leadership, within the context of content marketing, exists to change and influence perspective. This is also why stories exist – and humans thrive on stories. Anecdotes fuel conversation.

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  • Long-form Storytelling & Thought Leadership: A Content Marketing Success

    Long-form storytelling is having a moment right now. Brands and media alike are using narrative arcs to capture and engage audiences for extended amounts of time. I’ve written about long-form storytelling recently – from both brands and media – all to lead up to a bigger piece of content that I’m very excited to share with you.

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  • Thought Leadership & Long-form Storytelling: A Content Marketing Success

    Long-form storytelling is having a moment right now. Brands and media alike are using narrative arcs to capture and engage audiences for extended amounts of time. I’ve written about long-form storytelling recently – from both brands and media – all to lead up to a bigger piece of content that I’m very excited to share with you.

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  • How to Align Content Marketing and Demand Generation Teams

    I’ve previously shared insights on how important it is for content marketers, like myself, to work closely with product marketing [read that blog post here]. Now, I’d like to discuss the relationship between content marketing and demand generation. The two teams generally have the same goals – make things that build awareness, demand, and pipeline.

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  • What Working at an Apple Store Taught Me About Good Event Marketing

    I’m going to start with a controversial statement: I’m a firm believer in the power of event marketing. Trade shows, owned events, you name it, I love it. The statement is controversial because you either wholly agree or disagree – especially in B2B environments. Events are a huge investment in time and money – but when done right, they help generate quality leads, develop exi ...

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  • Cocktails & Content [San Francisco]: What We Learned from Our Panelists

    On the evening of Thursday, September 29th, we took over The Mezzanine to bring together San Francisco’s brightest marketing minds for a discussion about content marketing – and we enjoyed a few cocktails, too. Our expert panel included: Mark Goines – Chief Marketing Officer & Chief Strategy Officer @ Personal Capital Nanneke Jansen – Senior Manager, Marketing Program ...

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  • GITEX 2016: ScribbleLive to Showcase Content Marketing Solutions

    We’ll be at GITEX 2016 – one of the largest tech events on the planet – to showcase our content marketing technology to the 140,000+ professionals attending this year. Our team will be there to showcase the ScribbleLive-powered solutions that enable the world’s largest brands and media publishers to create innovative content experiences.

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  • Short-form & Long-form: Where They Fit in Your Content Strategy

    Long-form and short-form content both have their place in a content marketing strategy. Short-form content is a great tool to capture and engage an audience, while long-form educates and informs. However, both types of content have potential downsides. Short-form content can be seen as shallow, and long-form as boring – but they don’t have to be.

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  • ScribbleLive Spark: Learn More About Your Audiences With Polls

    TL;DR In ScribbleLive Engage, our real-time, interactive publishing product, you have the ability to integrate polls into all of our embeddable content experiences (which include live blogs, Q&As, social walls, content hubs, and timeline slideshows). In addition to driving engagement and increasing time spent on page, polls provide great utility in learning about your audien ...

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  • Come Talk Content + Have a Drink on Us [In San Francisco]

    This Thursday, we’ll be hosting the second panel discussion in our ‘Cocktails & Content’ event series. We’re setting up shop in San Francisco this time (the first event was in New York), and we’ll be welcoming the Bay Area’s top marketing pros to share their insights on planning and executing effective content strategies.

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  • The Content Marketer’s Guide to Beating Writer’s Block

    Some writers wait for inspiration to strike before they take pen to paper – or keyboard to word processor. Must be nice. As content marketers, we don’t have the luxury of waiting around for the magic to happen; and we definitely cannot let writer’s block – the dreaded ailment/productivity-killer – stop us from meeting the never-ending deadlines that blog posts, whitepapers, new ...

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  • Join us in San Francisco for Cocktails and Content on Sept. 29th

    The end of 2016 is sneaking up on us, and you’re probably preparing your editorial calendar and campaign strategy for 2017. It’s not always easy to prep and plan content for the future, but we’ve gathered a panel of experienced marketers that know how to build robust and sustainable content engines.

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  • Does Live Video Make Sense for Your Content Marketing Strategy?

    You can find a ton of stats about the rise of live video. They’re all impressive. We spend hours upon hours thumbing through Snapchat Stories every week, and Facebook Live is great at distracting hard-working, focused employees during business hours. I personally spent more time than I’m willing to admit watching BuzzFeed find out how many elastic bands can be wrapped around a ...

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  • Your 6 Step Guide to Creating a Holiday Marketing Campaign

    It’s starting to look a lot like Christmas… okay, not really — or, rather, not yet. The holiday season is just around the corner, and (if you haven’t already) it’s time to start thinking about what you and your marketing team will be doing to celebrate. T’is the season of giving, and the most effective holiday marketing campaigns are crafted in this generous spirit.

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  • Visit ScribbleLive at Content Marketing World for a Free Strategy Consultation

    ScribbleLive is looking forward to this year’s Content Marketing World — the annual event that brings together the industry’s best and brightest to learn, network and have some fun. The four-day event will provide attendees with the know-how and materials to craft and execute robust content marketing strategies — and we’re excited to offer an invaluable resource this year.

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