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  • Infographic: Email Is Eating More of Your Life Than You Think

    Sending emails can make you feel like a lovestruck middle schooler—when should you send the note? Have they read it yet? Should you send marketing-related messages before lunch? (Okay, maybe not that last part.) Thankfully, Boomerang, a browser extension that allows people to schedule emails, released an infographic that reveals some secrets gleaned from analyzing 5 million emails.

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  • 7 Email Capture Boxes That Will Make You Want a Fuller Inbox

    Achieving inbox zero is a huge bragging right for some people. They’re the coworkers who walk to your desk, notice your 2,145 unread messages, and say, “How the hell do you manage that?” like you’re some kind of digital hoarder. But even if you’re not a digital neat freak, you probably don’t want more email overload. That presents a problem for content marketers.

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  • The Rules of Millennial Marketing, According to Stock Photos

    The reusable water bottle brand Bobble recently released an ad that parodies all of the tired commercial millennial cliches — running in fields, pushing each other in grocery carts, standing epically on the top of mountains— you know, the usual stuff. While Bobble’s ad is a joke, it highlights an important truth in the advertising world— companies that are desperately trying ...

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  • 10 Ways for Brands to Get YouTube-Famous

    Gone are the days when celebrities existed solely on the silver screen. Over the past couple years, YouTube has been the source of hundreds of Internet stars—Smosh, Blogilates, Seven Super Girls, and Savannah Brown, to name a few. Sure, their names might be not be as widely recognizable as Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie, but they have fiercely loyal fans and tons of lucrative sponsorships.

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  • The 10 Best Browser Extensions for Marketers

    Browser extensions are kind of like the medicine cabinet of the Internet. Getting heartburn from the lack of engagement on your brand’s social channels? Insomnia from checking your company’s mentions on Twitter every two minutes? Migraines from the absurd amount of tabs you know you can’t close? There are remedies out there.

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  • Top 10 Social Media Tips From Buffer

    Buffer, a software company with the hard-earned reputation as the king of social media content, recently released its top 25 social media SlideShares. The hundreds of slides contain tons of information about Twitter, Facebook, and all of our other social media favorites. Of course, you probably don’t want to take the time and sift through all of that information.