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  • 17 Tips for Successful Facebook Contests

    Are you planning a Facebook contest? Want to make sure it’s a success? An easy-to-follow checklist of tips and best practices will help you launch Facebook contests your audience will love. In this article I’ll share 17 tips to make your Facebook contest a success. Discover seventeen tips for running successful contests on Facebook.

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  • 5 Key Elements of a High-Converting Facebook Ads’ Landing Page

    Have you ever a created a landing page for your Facebook ads or promoted social media posts to capture leads, drive resource downloads, or get sign-ups for your service? If so, would you like to improve the conversion rates of those landing pages? Of course you would! The primary goal of any landing page is to collect valuable information that allows you to market to, and communicate with, po.

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  • How to Partner With Influencers for Social Media Giveaways

    Do you run giveaways using social media? Have you considered partnering with an influential blogger? Working with the right blogger for a giveaway drives sales and grows brand awareness for your products or services. In this article you’ll discover how to partner with influencers for a successful social media giveaway. Discover how to partner with influencers for social media giveaways.

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  • How to Run an Instagram Contest: Four Easy Steps

    Is your company active on Instagram? Want to host a contest to build excitement about your business? Instagram makes it easy to run quick contests that engage your audience and build your fan base. In this article you’ll discover four simple steps to host Instagram contests that build buzz for your brand. Discover 4 steps to running an Instagram contest.

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  • How to Split Test Facebook Posts and Facebook Ads

    Do you use split testing? Did you know you can split test both your Facebook Page posts and your Facebook ads? Split testing (also known as A/B testing) is the best way to make sure every status update gets maximum engagement and every ad is optimized for conversions. In this article I’ll share how to split test Facebook posts and ads.

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  • How to Improve Your Facebook Sidebar Ads: 6 Tips to More Clicks

    Are you using Facebook sidebar ads? Are you getting the results you want? The kinds of images and text you use in your Facebook ads impact your audience’s response. In this article you’ll discover what makes people more likely to click on your Facebook sidebar ads. Designing Click-Worthy Ads Facebook sidebar ads are pretty small (at least for now).

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  • 3 Super Tools To Track, Analyze and Improve Your Results Online

    There are plenty of great free business monitoring tools out there for small businesses, however, at some point you will find yourself needing a few more features than the free ones can offer. You generate all the social media traffic you want to ensure that you convert some of it. Here are three of my favorite, low-priced tools.

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