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  • Jim Boykin’s Internet Marketing Ninjas Club Band.

    Internet Marketing Ninjas Club BandInternet Marketing Ninjas Club Band The other day I was thinking that in my over 17 years in business, I believe that our current Ninja team and our services are like the Beatles Sgt Peppers Album. So I thought that I’d put all our Ninja faces on this classic album cover. I kinda like it I also rewrote the first 2 songs on that album….

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  • 89% of Websites that Ranked 7 Years Ago are Not Ranking Now!

    “89% of sites that ranked 7 years ago are not ranking now. ” From Marcus Tober of SearchMetrics quoted from the Chicago SEJ Summit earlier this year. (see tweets) After I heard this, I had a private chat on Facebook with Marcus about this……he said: Behind the analysis is our massive 7 year historical Research Cloud I aggregated all domains that used to have at least one r ...

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  • (3 videos) Hacksaw Jim Duggan & Jim Boykin vs Panda & Penguin

    Enjoy 3 Hilarious Videos with Hacksaw Jim Duggan and Jim Boykin taking on the Penguin and the Panda! This past weekend we had the honor of hosting WWE Hall of Famer, “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan, at our offices in Clifton Park. A few months ago Hacksaw had done a promotional video for one of our clients…and man was he awesome in that video! I could see additional future big potential ...

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  • How to Rank Higher in Google

    With Google Updates and SERPs changes, it’s getting harder and harder to achieve organic visibility. More and more huge brands take over short-tail competitive SERPs? What can sites with smaller budgets do? You need to become a brand Invest in creating a huge resource. Build something awesome at least monthly! Our digital assets team is brainstorming weekly so our clients get ...

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  • Actionable Content Tips for Product Pages #JimAndAnn

    Content pages are important search engine traffic landing ages because that’s where a user can convert immediately. Unfortunately product page content is often thin, duplicate or database-generated (not unique). Product Page Content Tips Here are some tips on making your product page content better to both rank high in Google and convert well: Include more product photos ( ...

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  • Authorship and Author Rank: HUGE Signal Most People are Missing

    Ever since Google has closed its Google Plus authorship program, you might have had “Authorship is dead” sentiment all over the place. The truth is, that was an absolutely different type of authorship than what we are going to talk today. Google Plus authorship has never been a ranking signal while mapping authors and figuring authorship and influence signals has been on Googl ...

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  • Millions of Ashley Madison Accounts Are on the Web Forever #JimAndAnn

    The news broke a couple of days ago that Ashley Madison, the social media site for cheating, had been hacked and that its who database of users was released to the web. Jim Boykin and Ann Smarty are discussing of possible consequences of the hack, its impact on Internet marketing and online privacy. Ashley Madison hack is likely to be the biggest news of this year.

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