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  • 5 Best Practices for B2B Public Relations

    When I worked as an operations manager, I never took sales calls. When I needed a new vendor, I did my research ahead of time and started negotiating terms during my first real contact with a rep. I always assumed this was a deviant way to manage procurement but I was wrong: nearly 60 percent of businesses choose B2B vendors in the way I described.

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  • 10 Ways to Improve Your Crisis Communications

    “Do I really look like a guy with a plan? You know what I am? I’m a dog chasing cars. I wouldn’t know what to do with one if I caught it! You know, I just, do things.” – The Joker (from the movie “The Dark Knight”) Pearson describes damage limitation as “all efforts made to minimize the negative effects of a crisis on reputation and/or business.

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  • The NFL’s Treatment of Domestic Abuse: Three PR Failures and One PR Success

    The National Football League’s treatment of American football star Ray Rice in light of his domestic abuse case continues to blemish the league’s reputation. Their light treatment of the Baltimore Raven running back and the egregious domestic abuse revealed on a video posted by gossip site TMZ brought this issue prominently into the public consciousness and debate.

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  • 7 Things to Consider When Budgeting Your PR Dollars

    I received an email yesterday from a friend asking for some advice about what she should do with their website. She articulated (in great detail) the pros and cons of revamping her website. I struggled how to respond, and finally wrote this back: “I think that I get too excited about shiny objects to give you an objective opinion.

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  • 6 Ways Social Media Has Changed Public Relations

    On a visceral level, most people understand that social media has changed the public relations discipline significantly. Maybe you have been in the PR field long enough to remember the more straightforward, pre-digital discipline, maybe you’ve learned about PR in an academic setting, or maybe you’ve just been witness to this incredible change to the way that people consume content and interact.

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  • 9 Things That You Must Consider in Your PR Plan

    When I mention a PR plan, a basic concept probably comes to mind. It may start with an executive summary and follow with some combination of analysis, goals, identification of target audience, actions, tactics, messages and metrics. However you prepare your PR plans, there is always opportunity to make them better.

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  • 8 Content Curation Tools That Will Slash Your PR Budget

    Public Relations is a content-driven business. Every press release, every talking point, every story that you want to tell is a piece of content. PR professionals know better than most people that content is quickly perishable, and that the perpetual churn of content is expensive. Depending upon your budget, good content is difficult to generate and sustain.

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  • How Companies Use Gamification for PR

    Ping. You’ve got a Facebook alert on your mobile. It figures that the one moment of the day that you are not tethered to your phone is the one moment when Facebook blows up. Who sent you a message? Who liked your selfie? Is it your birthday? You rush to the phone and open the app: Jim Dougherty invites you to play Candy Crush Jim Dougherty invites you to play FarmVille Ji ...

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  • How to Create PR-Friendly Content on the Cheap

    According to the Pitney Bowes “Metro Magnets Index,” Houston, Atlanta, and the Washington D.C. metropolitan areas will each add around 100,000 households in the next five years. It projects that Provo, Austin and Fort Hood will see the highest household growth relative to their respective populations. These are pretty compelling statistics.

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  • How to Measure ROI Using Last Touch Attribution

    According to AdAge, 50 percent of businesses track the return on investment of their digital dollars. The audience for this piece is the other 50 percent. Senior leaders are not looking for PR metrics per se, they are more interested in business metrics. What they really want is connection—show me how PR is connected to business outcomes.

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