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  • 5 Tips to Crack Google’s Algorithm and Drive Quality Traffic To Your Site

    Let’s face it… With over 200+ Google ranking factors making sure the law of the land prevails, and over 1 billion websites fighting for spots in search engines – if you ignore SEO, your online sales are likely to go south, especially if you are unlucky enough to get struck with a Google penalty. If you do not want to fall victim to a Google penalty, ensure that whenever the ...

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  • Top App Push Notification Hacks for the Holidays

    “Human beings are drawn this way and that by puppet strings of impulse,” said Marcus Aurelius. If anything, a carefully crafted push notification could act as a perfect puppet string that absolutely, positively turns even a reluctant shopper into an impulsive one, especially during the crazy holiday rush.

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  • Top Tips To Ready Your App This Christmas Season

    Well, it’s gonna be Appy Christmas, very soon. And, be assured, Father Christmas is soon going to load his goody bags with a million Christmassy apps this season. And, yes, of course, I already see those brand-new, sleek iPhones, precariously dangling at the rims. This isn’t any figment of my wild imagination. Going by last year’s incredible app install rates, which was 2.

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  • The Rise Of New Business Apps Called ‘Bots’

    It’s early Sunday morning and you are feeling ultra famished. The light drizzle outside has only got your hunger pangs sooooooaring. No matter what, you desperately wish to sink your teeth into super luscious, delicious, crispy Domino’s Pizzas, right away. There you go! Nope! You don’t make a call this time.

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  • Want A Thriving Brand? Focus On Mobile Micro-moments!

    Admit it! You are addicted to your smartphone. In my case, as a mother of two little ones, I myself do not know how many times I’ve used my dear smartphone to find answers to the wide variety of questions, whether trivial or serious in nature, that pop into mind. It could be that I’m looking to find some delicious recipes that could inspire my playful kids to eat something, ...

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  • How Instagram Will Be Whetting the Appetite of Businesses in 2016

    If Facebook is the father of social media marketing for businesses, Instagram will be the mother of all social media marketing networks, in no time, thanks to its recent business tools update. These newly launched tools are sure to resonate with businesses across the world, consequently triggering traffic in tens of thousands on their web pages (more on this in a minute).

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