Jo Hill

  • How to interview for soft skills

    The 'digital skills shortage' and 'war for talent' have been well explored by consultancies, comprehensively covered in the media, and felt first-hand by hiring managers trying to find the perfect person to join their team. Quite simply, right now there are a lot of digital jobs and not enough qualified candidates.

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  • A mini-guide to evaluating new digital marketing tools

    Last week, as the world’s media dissected the details of the Apple Watch and iPhone 6, I spent an inspiring day mentoring at Seedcamp Week London, where some of Europe’s most promising new startups are immersed into the Seedcamp system of networks, learning, and capital raising. The 28 startups taking part were getting ready to shake up a variety of sectors, from music, retail ...

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  • How to help you digital marketing strategy to succeed

    Earlier this year I wrote about how to start formulating a digital marketing strategy. Getting the strategy right is of course paramount. But even when the strategy is right, if it’s not understood, supported, and turned into action then it’s barely more than an academic exercise. Ella Fitzgerald was on the money when she sang "tain’t what you do, it’s the way that you do it… ...

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