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  • The fraught world of privacy and targeting marketing

    For years marketing, both online and offline, has been directed towards ever more sophisticated targeting and segmentation to the point of personalisation. Greater relevancy of the content to the customer means that they are more likely to convert and/or engage. There is a conundrum, though, in terms of gathering the data in the first place to shape and inform the content, ad o ...

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  • Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality in the Hands of the Many

    Being told VR and AR are ‘the next big things’ that we should getting on board with isn’t the most helpful advice you’ll ever hear. Where should you start? What about the cost of the technology? What about the technical capabilities and coding needed to make it a worthwhile exercise? However, this has just changed and actually now is the time. And here’s why.

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  • Digital Brand Publishers: Can The Independent Make It?

    For many, The Independent’s decision to move towards becoming a pure digital publisher wasn’t necessarily a surprise. Print circulation has been in a declining trend for years and I doubt costs have decreased at the same rate. The biggest surprise was that they were the first to do it. As Evgeny Lebedev’s letter to his employees said: “We will be the first of many leading new ...

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  • Can Art, Data, Technology and Digital Marketing Converge?

    There are two very cool art exhibitions coming up that I’m excited about, because both are doing very interesting things with digital data and technology and there is something about their approach that has a lot of relevance to marketing. The first is at Somerset House in London and is called Big Bang Data.

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  • Offline and online marketing: a perfect partnership built on common goals

    On the drive to work this morning, I heard a radio advert for a major UK fashion retailer. It ended with “go in store to see our deals” – no mention of the website or that even shopping online is an option. My heart sank a bit. Why did no one in their marketing team spot the omission? Was it a deliberate decision to allow more time for brand messaging at the sake of driving pe ...

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  • Panda at the centre of the organic search universe

    Once we worshipped the sun, but these days it’s a little different, especially if you’re a digital marketer: the world of organic search now worships at the font of Panda. The much anticipated Google update for 2016 was for a real-time Penguin update. Ever one to keep us on our toes, Google rolled out a Panda update instead, but it’s not just an update – it is now part of the core algorithm.

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