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  • 5 Reasons to Organise a Conference

    Many people have asked me why I run Search London, a meetup group that I have been organising for over six and a half years. There are many reasons which I wanted to share on State of Digital so that those who are interested in setting up a Digital Event have some handy, real life tips.We have consistently run around 6 events per year, all in the evenings and most of the time ...

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  • What is SEO in 2017 and How Does SEO Tie in with Content?

    I have been working in SEO since 2008 and in agencies since 2009 before moving freelance and working for a content marketing software. I am still surprised by the lack of understanding of SEO in 2017, what people think it does and how some people do not place its importance to websites. When I first starting working in SEO, we optimised keywords within the page, in the meta da ...

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  • Interview with the Judges of the UK Search Awards 2015

    Estimated reading time: 6 minutes, 31 seconds The UK Search Awards takes place on Thursday November 26th at the Ballroom Southbank, London. Now in its fifth year, this is one of the biggest events in the Search Industry. In this post, I interview some of the judges who are responsible for judging and giving out the awards to companies working acorss a variety of industries.

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  • Interview with MarTech

    Jo Turnbull interviews Scott Brinker, the Program Chair of the MarTech Conference to find out more about the event taking place in London October 20 – 21st. 1. Why should people attend MarTech? Marketing has become a technology-powered discipline. While it’s still ultimately about the customer and the story, the way we tell those stories to our audience in a digital world is ...

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  • Interview with Data Driven Business

    Estimated reading time: 3 minutes, 28 seconds In the third post in my series of interviewing some of our partners, I speak to Eliot Knepper from Rising Media who is organising Data Driven Business which takes place in London next month. Why should people attend Data Driven Business? Data Driven Business is a consolidation of three conferences focusing on different segments ...

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  • Interview with UnGagged – Las Vegas

    State of Digital is partnering with UnGagged who are organising their second Las Vegas event in November this year. Jo Turnbull interviews one of the founders, Craig Rayner to find out more about UnGagged. Why should people attend Ungagged? UnGagged is a different kind of SEO / Digital Marketing conference because it has different goals with different rules.

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  • Interview with Marketing Festival

    State of Digital have set up a partnership with Marketing Festival which takes place November 26th – November 28th in Czech Republic. I wanted to find out more about the event and interviewed the team on State of Digital. Why should people attend the Marketing Festival? New knowledge and new connections – these are the two main benefits we offer.

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  • Review of SEO Monitor Tool

    I first discovered SEOmonitor in March when they reached out to tell me about their Search Bootcamp. Unfortunately, I was unable to make the event, but I started looking at their tool. I am always interested in platforms and tools that can help those in marketing. This tool was officially launched June 2014. At first it was an internal tool used for the agency, SEOmonitor.

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  • 7 Lessons Learned From 7 Years in SEO

    Seven Pearls of Wisdom for Seven Years in SEO For the last seven years, I have been involved in Search Engine Optimisation. In 2008, I started learning about and Implementing SEO and later set up SEO JO Blogs, my site. It will turn six years old this month. Before getting involve with SEO, I had been working in marketing and sales since graduating in 2003.

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  • PPC Masters Conference

    Berlin is one of the most exciting cities in Europe. With its culture, history and sights, there is always something new to discover. If you plan to visit Berlin and are also interested in online marketing, there will be no better time to do so than 12th February 2015, the day of PPC Masters. The conference will take place in a very unique location called Alte Teppichfabrik.

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  • Digital Events and Conferences in 2015

    TRENDING: Visual Marketing Tools, For Free! - Are SEO’s Snake Oil Salesmen? 26 January 2015 BY Jo Turnbull 2014 was a busy year, full of great events and conferences and there is set to be more in 2015. Therefore, we have compiled a list of some of the most important Digital, Search, Social and Analytics events ...

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  • Review of Search Predictions 2014 and Search in 2015

    We are now in 2015 ! Last year flew by, there were many changes in our industry and before making predictions for what will happen this year, I wanted to review some of the predictions that were made in 2014. I have reviewed some of the predictions from the following three blog posts: Searchmetrics: http://blog.searchmetrics.

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  • 7 Reports in Google Analytics to Help with SEO

    Sometimes the value of SEO can be difficult to demonstrate. It cannot always be categorically proven that any increase in sales or online presence can be attributed directly to SEO and for this reason I decided to write a post on how to deliver ROI of SEO in March. An additional way to get the most of SEO is to look at the figures in Google Analytics, so I have highlighted 7 ...

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  • 5 Reasons to Use SEMrush: A Review of the Tool

    I work with small to medium sized businesses helping them to optimise and make the most of their website, normally within a small budget. I have been looking into more tools that I can use for my clients to help maximise their online visibility and give some insights into their competitors and marketing activity.

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  • Lessons Learnt from Chinwag Psych

    Last month the Chinwag Psych event took place in London, and State of Digital was there to cover it and share key tips and takeaways. The topics of the day were psychology, neuroscience, and behavioural economics with speakers sharing their findings around four key topics: Anticipate Persuade Analyse Optimise Combining Big Data Analytics and Psychology Ed Weatherall ...

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