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  • How Red Wing Shoes Finds Its Stride in Brand Marketing

    It is hard to find a more personal product than footwear, especially when a worker’s safety depends on it. For Red Wing Shoes, a maker and seller of work boots, its brand is literally with its customers every step of the way. The company’s boots are worn by landscapers, farmers, loggers, miners, and workers in many other industries where footwear is not just a fashion statemen ...

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  • Why Insurance Giant State Farm Approaches Digital Marketing Like a Small Company

    It is almost a given that consumers will need insurance coverage for many aspects of their lives, but it can still take a personal touch to get their attention at the local level. National brands regularly run campaigns across television and other media outlets that span the country. But regardless of how well-known a brand may be, the business still comes down to the connect ...

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  • Scorpion Acquires Driven Local, Building Out Its Franchise Business

    Internet marketing company Scorpion has announced this morning that it acquired digital marketer Driven Local. Together, the companies will offer technology, services, localized video ads, and campaigns for local and multi-local businesses across markets such as healthcare, legal, franchise, and home services. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

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  • Snap Debuts Self-Serve Platform to Optimize Brand Ad Campaigns

    The new Web-based self-serve ad tool Snap Publisher has arrived, riding on a promise to clear the way for brands to create ads and distribute them quickly on Snapchat. Obviously there were already ads on the mobile app, but this speaks to an evolution of social and mobile advertising, and may create a new paradigm where any marketer can put together advertising for the app.

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  • Amazon’s Prime Day Brought Buyers to Other Brand Retailers As Well

    Amazon’s Prime Day Brought Buyers to Other Brand Retailers As Well July 14, 2017 by Joao-Pierre Ruth Leave a Comment Filed Under: News The deals from this week’s Amazon Prime Day may be over, but the boost in consumer activity does seem to have extended beyond the house that Jeff Bezos built. In the afterglow of the annual shopping event, Amazon announced that Prime Day “g ...

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  • How Amazon Prime Day Can Give Other Retail Brands a Boost

    On Amazon‘s biggest sale day of the year, consumers are not alone in watching will be up for grabs. Brands that do not have Amazon in their name are also looking for ways to benefit from the heightened shopping activity expected on this “retail holiday,” says Jaysen Gillespie, vice president of data science and analytics for Criteo.

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  • PlaceIQ Brings Its Location Data to IRI’s Platform for CPG Brands

    PlaceIQ Brings Its Location Data to IRI’s Platform for CPG Brands July 10, 2017 by Joao-Pierre Ruth Leave a Comment Filed Under: News Building on an ongoing relationship, PlaceIQ and market research company IRI have announced a new partnership that brings insights on location and shoppers’ behavior to the consumer packaged goods sector.

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  • NinthDecimal Acquires MoLOGIQ, Will Launch NinthDecimal Labs

    San Francisco-based marketing platform and location intelligence company NinthDecimal today announced it has acquired mobile audience platform MoLOGIQ, and will also form a group to develop new solutions in location-based marketing. Tapping key talent from MoLOGIQ, NinthDecimal says it will boost its data initiatives through the newly created NinthDecimal Labs in order to me ...

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  • Cuebiq Partners With GeTui for Chinese Retail Data

    Location data provider Cuebiq just got access to a significant resource for gathering insights on consumer behavior in China. This morning the company announced it has entered into a partnership with GeTui, a Hangzhou-based mobile internet, push-notification service provider to nearly one billion devices.

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  • #SFSNYC: The Restaurants of Tomorrow

    Everyone has at least heard of apps for booking reservations or ordering food from restaurants, but there is a deeper transformation underway within the industry. At Street Fight Summit in Brooklyn this week, Perry Quinn, SVP of business innovation development at the National Restaurant Association moderated a panel on how the restaurants of tomorrow are taking shape.

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  • #SFSNYC: Taking Location ‘Beyond Pins on a Map’

    #SFSNYC: Taking Location ‘Beyond Pins on a Map’ June 14, 2017 by Joao-Pierre Ruth Leave a Comment Filed Under: #SFSNYC Mapbox SVP Marc Prioleau spoke at Street Fight Summit in Brooklyn in Tuesday, giving a bit of history of map technology and some clues to where it might go. During the early days of digital maps, Prioleau said, it was largely a one-way data flow with few op ...

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  • #SFSNYC: How Brands Decipher What Local Marketing Tactics Are Working

    #SFSNYC: How Brands Decipher What Local Marketing Tactics Are Working June 13, 2017 by Joao-Pierre Ruth Leave a Comment Filed Under: #SFSNYC It might seem easier if one solution could fit every brands’ needs in hyperlocal marketing, but that could mean overlooking the context of each brand’s relationship with its clientele.

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  • #SFSNYC: How Bots and AI Are Transforming Local

    The march of artificial intelligence and bots continues across the digital marketing landscape, creating new ways to reach customers at local—however, these are still the early days. That was some of the sentiment shared at this morning’s panel on bots and AI at the Street Fight Summit in Brooklyn.

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  • Empyr Partners with Vendasta to Expand Its SMB Reach

    Online-to-offline marketing platform Empyr today announced a partnership with Vendasta that has the potential to rapidly scale up and deepen its customer base. The deal makes Empyr’s CPR (cost-per-revenue), performance marketing platform available on Vendasta’s marketplace, which sells digital solutions through more than 2,000 local marketing agencies.

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  • #SFSNYC: How Slice Helps Local Pizzerias Get in on Ordering via Mobile

    Lots of apps can connect consumers to restaurants to order meals, but New York-based Slice has focused on a particular food niche that founder and CEO Ilir Sela says is built on customer loyalty — pizza. Last October, Slice launched its iOS app for ordering pizza from local shops, rather than big chains that typically are already a step ahead making mobile ordering available.

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  • #SFSNYC: Drawing the Connection Between Online Presence and In-Store Sales

    Taking charge of online data about a business has become a key way to steer consumers into stores. More and more, businesses need to stay on top of their digital presences, which extend well beyond their company websites. The variety of outlets where people can discuss their impressions of a brand continues to expand.

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  • #SFSNYC: How SOCi Ties Local Reputation and Social Media at Scale

    Streams of commentary flooding social sites can carry loud, powerful messages, but at the same time it might seem like an overflow of information for local marketers. A high volume of reviews and feedback give voice to customer sentiment, especially at a national or global level. The trouble is sorting out how those comments relate to individual store locations, if at all, or ...

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  • #SFSNYC: At JPMorgan Chase, the Value of Location Is as a Signal of Intent

    It is inevitable that consumers will make a stop at a bank or ATM — everyone needs to deal with their money at some point. Even at a time when mobile banking is available, real-world branches can be readily found in most cities. But what brings a person nearby to a specific bank, or to other locations, can be an indicator of their intent, says Jake Davidow, head of media buyin ...

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  • #SFSNYC: Chatmeter on Why Local Reputation Management Matters for Brands

    Well-known brands may have national, or even global platforms and campaigns for reaching out to customers—but none of that matters if the company does not know what customers think of their local stores. Staying in touch with local sentiment and perception can be more complicated for larger enterprises that might not notice every comment or tweet about their brands.

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