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  • Location Data About Legal Cannabis Reveals Shifts in Consumer Behavior

    Another 4/20 is upon us and as cannabis patrons prepare to celebrate, the marketing world is still trying to figure out how best to reach legal consumers of marijuana. This space continues to evolve as states in different parts of the country consider allowing cannabis to be sold in local shops — and not just for medical needs.

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  • MapQuest Tackling More Location Data and Services Under Verizon Ownership

    As a veteran player in digital mapping, MapQuest has amassed a vast amount of location data over the years. Elise Neel, the head of MapQuest for business, says the company has evolved to meet not only the needs of marketers and other clients, but the demands of its owners. Verizon acquired MapQuest’s parent, AOL, in 2015 — and with that change came a new set of responsibilit ...

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  • Geopath Taps Tech from Citilabs for Audience Location Measurement

    Mobile and online marketing are not the only segments where deciphering audience location and predicting their movement matters. Nonprofit organization Geopath, previously known as the Traffic Audit Bureau for Media Measurement, today announced it will use software from Citilabs to power an audience location measurement solution for out-of-home advertisers.

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  • Blis Forecasts Where Consumers Will Be — Then Targets Ads Based on That Prediction

    Blis, a provider of local intelligence, is unveiling a new service today that it claims can figure out where consumers will go — and then target mobile ads based on those expectations. Blis Futures, an artificial intelligence-driven, machine learning solution, identifies patterns to determine where consumers are likely to spend time, and then focuses brands’ marketing to reac ...

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  • Foursquare Analytics, a Dashboard for Location Intel, Debuts

    After years of gathering location data shared by its users, Foursquare keeps coming up with new ways its resources can help brands and retailers focus campaigns on their customers. A couple of weeks ago, the company released its Pilgrim SDK for retailers to use. Now today marks the public debut of Foursquare Analytics, a dashboard that puts location intelligence in the hands ...

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  • InMarket Unveils Program to Recapture Lost Shoppers — And Revenue — for Retailers

    InMarket Unveils Program to Recapture Lost Shoppers — And Revenue — for Retailers March 20, 2017 by Joao-Pierre Ruth Leave a Comment Filed Under: News For retailers who are trying to charge up their repeat business, inMarket today is introducing a way to reengage with absentee customers. The company’s Lapsed Shopper Program identifies consumers who have not visited a partn ...

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  • xAd Introduces Pay-for-Performance Model, Guaranteeing Offline Store Visits

    Location intelligence company xAd is launching a new media buying model today called “Cost Per Visit,” which will directly tie mobile ad pricing to offline store visits — and potentially ensure a better return on investment for brands. The new model, something that xAd calls an industry first, is supposed to reduce the guesswork and risk from traditional media buying.

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  • GoDaddy Launches Simple Way to Scale Up E-Commerce Sites

    It’s probably safe to say few small business owners want to be bogged down trying to keep their e-commerce sites running. If they want to drive more revenue, they need to focus on meeting their customers’ needs — not testing HTML code. The trouble, however, is that growing an e-commerce business requires building up a website’s capabilities.

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  • Commerce Signals and LiveRamp Partner to Create a Sales Data Yardstick

    Big data is old news, even if it is sales data. But what gets done with data — especially in real-time — can tell a story that marketers need to hear. Data firm Commerce Signals has put together a new partnership with LiveRamp, an Acxiom company that provides identity resolution, to make data more valuable to merchants and advertisers.

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  • Why NinthDecimal Decouples Its Data, Expands Partnerships, and Moves Into the Black

    Audience intelligence and mobile programmatic platform NinthDecimal says its data and measurements divisions took off in 2016, making good on an anticipated industry shift. This spurt of new data partnerships, along with continuing business, led to today’s announcement of profitability for the company — at a time when NinthDecimal says a number of its peers are still struggling to make money.

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  • Foursquare Releases Pilgrim SDK for Location Intel to Third Parties

    Foursquare Releases Pilgrim SDK for Location Intel to Third Parties March 1, 2017 by Joao-Pierre Ruth Leave a Comment Filed Under: News Apps and brands can now get their hands on some of the technology Foursquare uses to pinpoint where smartphones are in real-time — and get a clearer picture of how and when people move from location to location.

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  • Cheetah Ads Debuts, Racing to Make Mobile Ads Smarter Through AI

    Mobile app and content developer Cheetah Mobile has taken the wraps off its rebranding today, and is showing off the renewed focus of its mobile ad business. Cheetah Ads puts a different moniker on something familiar — it renames the Cheetah Ad Platform business. But more importantly, the move is intended to unify elements of the company, in particular utility apps and mobile ...

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  • How Turning Loyalty Campaigns Into a Data Play Transformed Empyr

    Coaxing more customers to walk in and shop is what every merchant wants out of a loyalty program, but it is not always clear how effective these campaigns are. That’s why attribution — knowing for sure that new business resulted from a merchant’s marketing efforts — is such a holy grail in local, explicitly proving that spending money on a campaign is worth it.

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  • Marriage of Listings, Data, and Social Drive Better Results, Says SweetIQ CEO

    A long-brewing change is transforming the way local business listings get used, says Mohannad El-Barachi, CEO of search marketing platform SweetIQ. Web and app-based directories that show where to find stores, restaurants, and other merchants are pretty common nowadays. But unless they take advantage of other services, content, and platforms, they are little more than digitized yellow pages.

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  • Waze Says Its Crowdsourced Navigation Data Brings Clarity for Marketers

    Tapping into geolocation data has become essential for hyperlocal marketing strategies — but according to the folks at navigation app Waze, understanding what consumers are really up to when they travel around is a crucial next step. It can be easy for brands to make presumptions based solely on the fact that a specific person passed by a certain store — and then use that in ...

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  • How Arrivalist Is Using Location Data to Measure Exposure to Travel Ads

    Like breadcrumbs, ads can lead travelers to visit new destinations — but figuring out whether or not a specific marketing campaign brought them to a particular city or even country has largely been antiquated guesswork. In the past, destination marketers relied on active input from visitors who shared comments on what made them book a trip to a particular place.

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  • With New Partnership, Commerce Signals and PlaceIQ Marry Location With Transaction Data

    Advertisers have a new way to find out relatively quickly if their campaigns drive sales. Palo Alto-based data firm Commerce Signals this week rolled out its new centerpiece product, called databridge. The platform lets marketers see unfiltered transaction data directly from financial institutions, such as credit card companies, when purchases are made — offering local insigh ...

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  • Lyft’s Melnick: ‘No Magic Bullet’ for Building a Multi-sided Marketplace

    Building up a community of drivers and passengers for a ride-hailing service from scratch is no easy feat. There are big, fiercely competitive rivals in the ride-sharing space and new serivces popping up all the time — but that has not deterred Lyft. The company lauds the quality of its platform and service, positioning it for a different type of appeal among its peers.

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