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  • Waze Says Its Crowdsourced Navigation Data Brings Clarity for Marketers

    Tapping into geolocation data has become essential for hyperlocal marketing strategies — but according to the folks at navigation app Waze, understanding what consumers are really up to when they travel around is a crucial next step. It can be easy for brands to make presumptions based solely on the fact that a specific person passed by a certain store — and then use that in ...

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  • How Arrivalist Is Using Location Data to Measure Exposure to Travel Ads

    Like breadcrumbs, ads can lead travelers to visit new destinations — but figuring out whether or not a specific marketing campaign brought them to a particular city or even country has largely been antiquated guesswork. In the past, destination marketers relied on active input from visitors who shared comments on what made them book a trip to a particular place.

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  • With New Partnership, Commerce Signals and PlaceIQ Marry Location With Transaction Data

    Advertisers have a new way to find out relatively quickly if their campaigns drive sales. Palo Alto-based data firm Commerce Signals this week rolled out its new centerpiece product, called databridge. The platform lets marketers see unfiltered transaction data directly from financial institutions, such as credit card companies, when purchases are made — offering local insigh ...

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  • Lyft’s Melnick: ‘No Magic Bullet’ for Building a Multi-sided Marketplace

    Building up a community of drivers and passengers for a ride-hailing service from scratch is no easy feat. There are big, fiercely competitive rivals in the ride-sharing space and new serivces popping up all the time — but that has not deterred Lyft. The company lauds the quality of its platform and service, positioning it for a different type of appeal among its peers.

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  • On-Demand Services and Apps Becoming Inevitable Tools for Reaching Customers

    It seems these days like every type of product or service is becoming available on-demand through an app — or will be soon. Plenty of companies claim to be the “Uber of” their respective markets, but there is more to making it in this scene than just getting goods to customers fast. An on-demand app can give clientele a sense of surety that their needs will be met, and moreove ...

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