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  • NEW! Performance Dashboard & Improved 20-Minute Work Week in WordStream Advisor

    Running your business’s marketing efforts isn’t easy – and it takes a lot of time! The time it takes to optimize bids, create and edit ads, and discover new keywords all adds up. On top of all of this, you need to constantly track your performance to ensure all of your hard work is effective. At WordStream, our mission is to develop software to help businesses of all types and ...

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  • 1 Million Reports Later, Some Exciting Updates to the AdWords Grader

    We hit a pretty huge milestone this month: Over the past five years, our AdWords Performance Grader has delivered more than 1 MILLION free reports (over $9 billion in unique ad spend) and helped countless businesses and marketing agencies of all sizes and all over the world understand how their AdWords accounts are performing and where they’re missing opportunities.

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  • Do Facebook Ads Work? Find Out (for Free) with New Facebook Ad Tool

    Facebook ads – they’re so hot right now. But like with all things bright and shiny in marketing, it’s smart to be skeptical and ask whether it’s really right for your business. The tough part is that this isn’t necessarily an easy question to answer. Well at least it didn’t used to be… Introducing the Facebook Advertising Opportunity Calculator WordStream is always trying to ke ...

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  • The PPC Success Report, Now with Bing Ads Reporting

    In 2013, we created the PPC Success Report to help our customers report on their AdWords performance. Since then, the reports have evolved to include additional sections, improved analysis and sharing. As of September 1, the Success Report has taken another step forward with the addition of Bing Ads data.

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  • The New & Improved Way to Audit Your PPC

    Walking around our office, I often hear the words “AdWords is hard.” This is something that we in Product and Engineering really take to heart as we strive to simplify PPC marketing for our users. As users, I imagine that you have similar feelings about the challenges of Google AdWords and often wonder if your hard work is paying off.

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