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  • Why Consumers Want Brands to Take a Stand on Social Issues

    Rob Holzer remembers the first time he came to Cannes six years ago after starting Matter Unlimited, an agency focusing on ad campaigns that drive positive social change. “People would sort of just tilt their head nicely and be like, “Oh. That’s nice,” Holzer recalls. “But, like, how are you guys going to make any money?” Since then, Matter Unlimited has thrived helping brand ...

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  • How Huge Founder Aaron Shapiro Measures the ROI of Design

    Six years ago, I launched a site to cover the intersection of advertising and technology in New York. One of my first profiles was on Huge—a small, red-hot Dumbo design agency that had designed a mobile streaming app called HBO Go. This past summer, I caught back up with Huge founder Aaron Shapiro, who has since turned his small shop into a full-services operation with thousan ...

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  • 2 Reasons Facebook’s Latest Algorithm Change Will Impact Marketers

    Last week, the world got wind of the biggest Facebook algorithm change in years. Google officially reclaimed its spot as the top source of referral traffic since Facebook overtook it in August 2015, which means the world’s biggest social network has been pushing less and less traffic to content. According to a data analysis of over 2,500 sites, Facebook referral traffic now sits at 35.

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  • The Future of Content Marketing Isn’t Content Marketing

    Let’s talk about the content marketing industry’s favorite chart. We love this chart! It pops up in about 75 percent of all content marketing talks, showing the explosive growth in searches for “content marketing” this decade. I use it in three different presentations. It’s basically our industry’s version of the “Everything is Awesome” theme song from The Lego Movie.

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  • The Biggest Trend in Content Marketing Right Now

    Vice. Vanity Fair. UBS. This unlikely trio may seem like the setup to a very geeky “walk into a bar” joke. But over the past three years, financial services giant UBS has been partnering with Vanity Fair and Vice on one of the most ambitious and intriguing partnerships in finance content: Unlimited, an editorial site designed to reach wealthy women and millennials.

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  • The 3 Most Effective Ways to Grow Your Email List

    As a content strategist, I ask people about their content marketing goals every day. Sometimes I almost feel like a fast food worker. “Would you like some lead gen with that?” These goals vary greatly since content marketing can impact everything from sales to customer experience, but there’s one goal that’s pretty universal: growing your email list.

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  • 5 Predictions From The World’s Most Intense Marketing Conference

    Last night, a close friend who works in content marketing DMed me on Twitter. She was very concerned. “I have to admit I’m Twitter stalking you because I’m intrigued that this conference has you turned into a tween at a Harry Styles concert,” she wrote. “You’re suddenly VERY EXCITED about things like demand waterfall. Or, intervention? Anyway def going to pump you for cliff notes.” It’s true.

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