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  • 7 Companies That Should Buy Medium, Because Why Not?

    It’s time to panic about another social network. Last week, Medium CEO Ev Williams announced that the company was laying off 50 staffers, closing its offices in New York and Washington DC, and ceasing it’s ad-sales operation. In Williams’s estimation, the company’s Outbrain-esque ad structure to push advertorials on people contributed to a “broken system” of ad-supported media.

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  • Marketers Are Sabotaging Their Content Programs

    When the Content Marketing Institute releases its annual Benchmark Reports, I beeline for one stat: How many people had a documented content strategy? Every year, the shockingly low number of marketers who have a documented content strategy has been the most troubling stat in the robust report. I always expect to see a dramatic rise, but it usually lingers around 33 percent.

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  • This Is What Content Marketing Looked Like in the 1800s

    The Furrow, John Deere’s magazine for farmers, has been in print since 1895. A few years ago, we published an article about the esteemed magazine, looking at how it’s managed to stay relevant in print even as digital outlets started to dominate. In marketing circles, The Furrow is a legendary entity, the Adam of brand publishing. In 1912, it had a peak circulation of more than 4 million readers.

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  • How I Fell in Love With Content Marketing Software

    I’m about to confess something that’ll probably come back to bite me in the butt during my next job interview: I’m a disorganized person. I’ve heard this since kindergarten. “You’re going to have to learn to organize your stuff better if you’re going to make it in the first grade,” my teacher, Miss Jessica, told me.

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  • 3 Ways Brands Can Make Native Advertising More Effective in 2017

    When it comes to digital advertising, a “big four” have emerged: social ads, display ads, video ads, and native advertising. According to a Salesforce survey of 4,000 marketers, native advertising is currently the third-most popular tactic, tied with video. Native advertising has come a long way since The Atlantic was shilling for Scientology and giving Jeff Jarvis a panic attack on Twitter.

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  • The Talent War, and Other Big Content Marketing Trends for 2017

    Six years ago, I started working in content marketing. At 23, I helped start an online newspaper out of a Park Slope, Brooklyn coffee shop, and by some stroke of luck, we connected with an upstart digital agency that offered us office space and a small retainer. In exchange, we promised that our small squad of editors and freelancers would serve as the company’s on-call editorial team.

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  • Ask a Content Guy: How Do I Scale My Content Marketing Program?

    My buzzword of the year is “scale.” At some point over the past 12 months, everyone seemed to simultaneously realize that simply saying the word “scale” would make them sound smart as hell in any meeting. When I wrote “scale” into the headline of this article, my first thought was that I’m an all-powerful god. My second thought was that this headline is going to absolutely kill it in search.

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  • Hike Founder: ‘Apps Will Be Dead in 5 Years’

    One big issue has been hanging over this year’s Web Summit, the tech cornucopia that inspired over 70,000 investors, corporate giants, and startup hopefuls to flock to Lisbon this week. No, it’s not the specter of a Donald Trump presidency. Instead, it’s the sudden decline of apps, which casts a cloud over the optimistic pitches that tech companies like to tout with every mobile release.

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  • Webinar: How To Get Executive Buy-In for Content Marketing

    Seventy percent of marketers plan on creating more content in 2017 than 2016. Yet roughly two-thirds of them do so without any documented strategy, and over half don’t know what a successful content marketing program looks like. This is insane. How can we expect to get the budget and resources we need if we don’t actually have a strategy for success? In this webinar, HubSpot ...

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  • 3 Steps That Took Our Blog From 14,000 Readers to Over 400,000

    A little over three years ago, Sam Slaughter, Contently’s VP of Content, asked me to run The Content Strategist. I’d been writing for the site for a couple years, and I often fantasized that Sam would notice me on the sidelines, admire my immaculate jew fro, and hand me the ball. In true Contently fashion, I ran the blog for the first month as a freelancer, working remotely from Tel Aviv.

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