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  • Tumblr’s Hilarious App Update Will Make You Ashamed of All Your Product Comms

    “Dude, this app update description is freaking awesome” is not something I ever thought I’d say. But here we are. Monday’s 4.3.1 update to Tumblr’s mobile app comes complete with a short story that mythologizes this otherwise routine update. It has everything: imagery of David Karp bursting out of his shirt like Fabio on a romance novel cover; every short story cliche imaginab ...

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  • 5 Content Marketing Problems That Keep Me Up at Night

    When you work at a successful startup, one of the main perks of coming to work is the unbridled bubble of optimism and ambition that covers the whole office while employees chant startup catchphrases: Fail fast and often! Make awesome stuff! Make the world a better place! That last startup-ism was lampooned last year in an episode of HBO’s Silicon Valley when dozens of startups paraded on stage.

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  • The Best Branded Content of July

    What makes a piece of branded content good? I’ve been writing this monthly roundup of the best branded content for the past 18 months (save for last month, when Dillon Baker did all too good a job filling in for me) and truthfully, I’m still trying to nail down a firm answer to this subjective question. Most people I meet in the industry are trying to do the same thing.

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  • Study: Brand Content Drives Massive Brand Lift

    When you’re creating content for a brand, there are some obvious goals: audience share, email subscribers, lead generation, lead nurturing, revenue generation and attribution, not getting fired. For B2B companies like Contently, “content to conversion” is the mantra, and for good reason: Thanks to software platforms like Marketo and Salesforce, it’s trackable, and there’s a game plan in place.

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  • Why Every Content Creator Needs a Taylor Swift

    It’s been three weeks since Apple Music’s release, and I’ve come to a decision: I’m canceling my Spotify Premium subscription and going with Apple Music as my paid streaming service of choice. The reason? It’s pretty simple: T-SWIFT! (There—I said it. I’m not ashamed.) On a service level, I feel pretty much exactly the same about Spotify and Apple Music.

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  • Contently Comic: Welcome to Brand Journalism

    If you read this site, you know that editors and reporters leaving journalism to go work for brands is kind of a thing—so much so that tech publication Pando even made a quiz to help people decide whether to make the leap, and where they should go. Some of these new relationships have a storybook ending.

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  • The Ant and the Grasshopper, or Why Ignoring ROI Is a Death Wish

    When I contemplate the content marketing industry’s tumultuous relationship with ROI, I often think back to the last week of college at my alma mater, Sarah Lawrence College—the much-dreaded “Conference Week.” Sarah Lawrence focuses on writing the same way the Trix Rabbit fixates on brightly-colored breakfast cereal: It’s an obsession.

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  • 21 Content Marketing Predictions for the 2nd Half of 2015

    One of my favorite annual activities at Contently is rounding up predictions from across our company about what will happen in content marketing in the year ahead. Late last year, we offered up 17 predictions for 2015, but in the past six months, the industry has evolved rapidly. No way were we waiting another six months to look into our crystal ball to admire how good looking ...

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  • RoboEditor: The Strange New Editorial Machine You Need to Become

    For years now, we’ve been hearing a lot about how editors at young media companies are using predictive algorithms and analytics tools to figure out what audiences want. This past month, we’ve been hearing about the inverse: Tech giants like LinkedIn and Apple hiring human editors to supplement their content algorithms.

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  • Contently Comic: Snapchat Syndrome

    My first real paying editorial job was as the social media editor at a fast-growing parenting site for hip Park Slope moms. It was 2010, a terrible time to get an editorial job, but a great time for bullshitting if you were young and knew how to use Twitter. I had little idea what I was doing as a social media editor, but after years of being raised by a team of women in my mom ...

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