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  • No More Hassle Battery Powered Chainsaw

    Are you planning to buy a battery powered chainsaw? Then, this simple guide will help you decide what chainsaw suits your needs, and provide practical tips on what to look for when buying your tool. We'll take on the many advantages of using a battery-powered saw and the downside of this, as well. Giving valuable tips on safety will come in handy so, read on.

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  • Get Creative with Chainsaw Art

    Have you heard about chainsaw art? This riveting art form is a fusion of classic sculpture and the modern technology of the chainsaw. This fast-growing interest began in the early 1950s and flourished in the 80s. After being exposed to the discipline, many artists quickly caught on. It's more than a performance art.

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  • What is the Best Electric Chainsaw

    WORX WG303.1 16" Chainsaw, 3.5HP, 14.5 AMP Review If you want a mess free, maintenance free, and worry free chainsaw, then look no further than the WORX WG303.1 16" Chainsaw. Turn those felled trees in your backyard into firewood for the winter months with ease. It is easily the best electric chainsaw on the market today, with built in features that you would be hard pressed to find elsewhere.

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  • Which Chainsaw Brands are Best for You

    Are you in the market for chainsaws and looking for the top chainsaw brands? Buying a chainsaw depends on your needs – will you be pruning? Trimming? Felling trees? Cutting firewood? Or using it to cut concrete? Do you have a fixed budget for your chainsaw, or is the sky the limit? These questions are important and needs definite answers.

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  • Choosing the Best Chainsaw for Your Needs

    There are many tools available to cut down trees, prune or clear a portion of your lawn, or cut firewood. However, nothing beats the old reliable chainsaw. The search for the best chainsaw continues as more and more users are looking for trusted brands that have been around for many years. A chainsaw is usually powered by gas, electricity, battery, hydraulic power or compressed air.

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