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  • Using Business Data Feeds To Implement Marketing Psychology Principles in Your Ads

    October 25, 2016 Even though ad customizers aren’t anything new, they are arguably underutilized. Personally, I’m a fan of them as well as other advertisers in the PPC world who won’t be named. I also am a big fan of utilizing marketing psychology principles into my ads to help implement user-focused strategies. Ad customizers make this tactic a lot easier.

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  • Limitations You Need To Be Aware Of Before Applying For Google Ad Grants

    August 1, 2016 If you work for a nonprofit or want to offer your PPC services to help a nonprofit, Google Ad Grants is for you. If your organization qualifies, you can receive $10,000 USD a month…for free! Think of what your organization can do with that money to try and build awareness, collect donations, or try to sign up volunteers.

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