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  • 10 Content Marketing Roles for the Next 10 Years

    “What roles do I need to be successful with a content marketing approach?” Several years ago, I started thinking about how to categorize content marketing roles. Given so many moving parts in effective content marketing programs, it’s imperative that everyone involved knows who is responsible for each task, and that all the most essential tasks are documented in your content marketing strategy.

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  • A Simple Approach to Document Your Content Marketing Strategy

    I write this fresh off a trip that took me from Cleveland to Helsinki with a brief stop in Copenhagen and then to London. It’s been almost 10 years now since I’ve been speaking on the topic of content marketing in and around Europe. Over that time, content marketing has become a driving force, maybe THE biggest change I’ve seen in the approach to marketing around this continent.

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  • Content Marketing Takes a Turn for the Better: New 2017 Research

    If you were able to join us at Content Marketing World — or have been following some of the coverage — you know that the tides are turning. While last year at this time we were facing the trough of disillusionment, the energy and momentum we are seeing right now are far more positive. In fact, our newest research, B2B Content Marketing 2017: Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends—Nort ...

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  • Go All In With Content Marketing or Do Nothing: #CMWorld

    I always ask the speakers at Content Marketing World to cut the extraneous and jump right into the substance of their presentations. I’m going to take my advice with this post. If you’re not “all in” with your content marketing program, you should stop. If you’re not “all in” with your #contentmarketing program, you should stop says @joepulizzi. Click To Tweet Yes, you read that right.

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  • Prepare to Be Ignored if You Don’t Have Subscription Goals

    I’ve had the amazing pleasure of meeting with over a dozen of the largest companies on the planet. These companies are some of the most innovative in the world and create many of the products you use on a daily basis both personally and professionally. Over the past few years, these companies have hired journalists, producers, broadcasters, and editors to refine and tell their ...

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  • See What Content Marketing Success Truly Looks Like

    Each day, CMI wants to help our fellow content marketers hone their skills and get more successful at the craft. I know our team is constantly inspired by all the ways that the industry has taken our advice and run with it. Nowhere has this been more apparent than when looking at the impressive scope of the work created by the winners at the 12th annual Content Marketing Awards.

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  • The Biggest Content Marketing Trends in 2017

    I’ve spent the last 12-plus months talking with enterprise marketers from around the globe to get a handle on where the content marketing industry is going. Through that process, in combination with our ongoing research, the CMI team puts together the schedule for Content Marketing World 2016. Here are what I believe are some of the biggest issues enterprise marketers are dea ...

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