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  • How To Design A Landing Page With Photoshop

    How To Design A Landing Page With Photoshop by Joel Walters Don’t want to pay someone else for a landing page? Tired of waiting around for designers? Make your own landing page! If you don’t know already, see how with this easy guide… Designing landing pages with photoshop is a really super effective way ...

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  • Making Monies From Big News Events…

    You probably remember not too long back when the Walmart riots happened on Black Friday, 2011. Jeeze some people are hard up for a bargain. I was watching TV with my girlfriend here in Australia when I first saw the scenes of grandpa getting his face owned, chubby guys ass crack flashing the security camera, and a crazy women spraying fellow shoppers in the FACE with mace.

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  • How To Insert A Dynamic Keyword Into Your Landing Page

    On most major Pay Per Click platforms, there is a little known feature called “Dynamic Keyword Insertion”. Dynamic Keyword Insertion is one of those “dirty little secrets” used by PPC marketing agencies and is the cornerstone of the millions of Internet marketing eBooks written by self proclaimed “gurus”. It also goes gangbusters on PPV landing pages.

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  • Marketing On The Go – Using The Samsung Galaxy S2

    Marketing On The Go – Using The Samsung Galaxy S2 by Joel Walters Being an affiliate marketer offers many opportunities. The business is very scalable. You’re not limited to a local market like more traditional businesses. You can make thousands of dollars a day from home without ever bothering to put clothes on. (What? We’re all naked in the eyes of the lord.

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  • PPV Landing Pages – Inter-activity Increasing CTR?

    Since I stared PPV marketing I have tried a lot of PPV Landing page designs. Most of them tanked, but there’s been a few that have performed really well. I’m slowly getting an idea of what works with PPV. I’ve seen the value of optimizing your landing pages into profitability even if they fail at first. This campaign was a short form lead gen biz opp offer.

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  • Profitable Direct Linking Using PPV – Still Possible?

    Profitable Direct Linking Using PPV – Still Possible? by Joel Walters Recently I have started doing some more direct linking campaigns using Lead Impact. They are brain dead simple and take about 10 – 20 mins to set up. I’ve been doing this in the dating niche. “Oh great, another affiliate marketing retard coming into an already over-crowded niche with no creativity.

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  • The Sales Blueprint – How To Sell Stuff Online

    I went to a local market store a few days ago, and i saw something that was really fascinating. The perfect sales process that had people tripping over each other to buy a freakin chamois. There on the corner of the busy markets was a guy with a stand promoting one of those super chamois things. I’m not sure what the name was exactly, but it was one of the offers that you see on TV.

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  • Get Don Crowthers Free Social Profit Formula Training

    Wow… I just heard about a hot new social media strategy — and Don Crowther, THE social media expert, is giving it away for free! It’s a very good system that has been proven to drive a ton a traffic from social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. In the videos you will learn the little known secrets that Don and his students have used to pull in millions of dollars.

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