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  • Music Night At YouTube Space LA

    On this episode of the Dot Com Life Vlog, I braved rush hour traffic to head to YouTube Space LA for their music night. YouTube Music Night is a monthly event put on by YouTube to celebrate their partnership with the music industry. This month’s featured lineup included Wyclef Jean, Farina, and Stix. Because Wyclef Jean is a pretty big name, this music night was more popular than average.

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  • The Weird Math Behind Making Money Online

    If you listen to the average internet business owner you’ll be lead to believe they have some kind of traffic issue. They can’t get enough visitors to their webpage, or their list is too small to make a sale, or blah blah blah. In reality, traffic is NOT their problem, and as a new internet marketer, it’s not yours either.

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  • Why You Must Aim Higher with Your Internet Business

    Right now, your business is in one of two states: the business is either growing or it’s dying Businesses, especially online businesses, are never stagnant. Because even though it may seem like you’re maintaining your current level of revenue and doing OK, you’re actually going backwards. When you’re not growing, the customers you could have, or should have, reached are bein ...

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  • Join Me for a Live Webinar with The Art of SEO Author Stephan Spencer

    Join Me for a Live Webinar with The Art of SEO Author Stephan Spencer By John Chow February 20th, 2017 The Net I will be hosting a live webinar this Thursday, Feb. 23 at 10am PST with Stephan Spencer. Stephan is the co-author of The Art of SEO. If you are experiencing one of the following problems you NEED this training: Your competition is taking your customers.

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  • How To Avoid Getting Stuck In Analysis Paralysis

    Here’s some of the best advice I could ever give you… The biggest mistake you can make as a new Affiliate Marketer is to get stuck in the learning acquisition mode. But unfortunately, ‘Analysis Paralysis’ happens to most people who start with Affiliate Marketing. According to, ‘Analysis Paralysis’ occurs when an individual becomes so lost in the process of e ...

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  • Meet Me In Vancouver This Weekend

    I should be in relaxing in the sun in Puerto Vallarta right now. Instead, I’m freezing my butt off in Vancouver. A family event required me to cancel my trip to Mexico and head home to the great white north. At first, I was thinking of flying from Orange Country to Puerto Vallarta for two days. Then fly from Puerto Vallarta to Vancouver for a day for the family event.

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  • The National Museum of Scotland

    On this episode of the Dot Com Life Vlog, Sally and I check out the National Museum of Scotland. The museum is home of Dolly the sheep, and a bunch of other stuff. For those who don’t know, Dolly was the world’s first cloned mammal from an adult cell. The National Museum incorporates the collections of the former National Museum of Antiquities of Scotland, and the Royal Museum.

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  • $17,974.66 In 7 Days with The WiFi Millionaire System

    $17,974.66 In 7 Days with The WiFi Millionaire System A week ago, my friend and business partner Matt Lloyd, came out with a new eBook call WiFi Millionaire. I have been testing the techniques taught in the system and the results have been pretty amazing. In just seven days of testing the WiFi Million System, I made $17,974.

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  • The Truth About How To Make Money Online

    Despite what you may believe, want, or even hope, making a making money online will be one of the most challenging things you’ll ever do. Friends who mean well will tell you to quit. Your work colleagues will laugh at you, and some haters may even try to actively stop you from succeeding. And that’s not the worst of it.

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  • How to Make a Full-Time Income Working Part-Time From Anywhere

    My friend and business partner, Matt Lloyd, has written a new book! WiFi Millionaire is based on Matt’s experience of building a $150 million company while traveling the world and working virtually from tropical locations like Fiji, Costa Rica, Cancun, and the Caribbean islands. In WiFi Miolionaifre, you’ll learn how to make work fit your life, and not the other way around.

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  • MOBE Supercharge Summit Los Angeles

    The MOBE Supercharge Summit wrapped today in Los Angeles, California. Over 100 people flew in from all over the world for this event. Attendees spent three exciting days networking and learning from the top Internet marketers in the industry. It was pleasure sharing my knowledge and experience with everyone who was there. The feedback I got was amazing.

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