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  • The Mechanics of Life with Perry Johnson

    Perry Johnson is a certified dream coach helping people discover and reach their dreams. I met up with him in Costa Rica to talk about his new book, The Mechanics of Life – Ten Steps to Turbo-Charge Your Dreams. Perry is the Original Transformational Mechanic, achieving this title through years of practice transforming his own life ...

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  • Another $10K Plus Morning

    Yesterday, I did a video showing me making $12,351.35 in MOBE commission before 10:30AM while I was having breakfast at the Sunset Del Mar in Costa Rica. I finished off the day with $13,152.24 in total commissions. The fun continued this morning with another $10K plus day. All made before 9AM. This is what living the Dot Com Lifestyle is all about. I can’t wait to see the final numbers tonight.

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  • Making $12,351.35 Before Lunch

    One of the coolest benefits of living the Dot Com Lifestyle is you can be traveling the world and make money at the same time. Right now, I’m in Costa Rica for the MOBE Titanium Mastermind. I’m having a great time networking with the fellow attendees. However, what’s really cool, is while I’m done here, I’m making money. Case in point.

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  • $1,054,927.43 In 261 Days

    When I started 2017, one of my goals was to make $1 million in one year with MOBE. I am super excited to report that today (Sept 19, 2017) I have done it! At the time of this post, I was at $1015,137.66 payout plus $39,789.77 pending payout for a total $1,054,927.43 in just 261 days. That works out to $4,041.88 per day or $168.41 an hour for every hour of the day.

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  • Proof That Anyone Can Make Money Online & Get a Free Car

    During the Titanium Mastermind at the Croc’s Resort in Costa Rica, I had the pleasure of meeting 65 year old Allen Dockter and his wife. They were brand new in the business, had zero internet marketing experience, but managed to make $17K online in 3 months by following the training in my 21 Step System. Allen is living proof that anyone can make money online.

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  • NTONPower Multi-Function Auto Jump Starter Review

    NTONPower Multi-Function Auto Jump Starter Review By John Chow September 16th, 2017 Cars, Technology, Videos The NTONPower JS18 is a multi-function USB battery that can charge your smartphone, tablet, laptop, and jump start your car! The 18000mAh large battery capacity can jump start your vehicle (up to 8.0L gas or 6.

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  • Join Me At The IM Freedom Workshop LA and OC

    Do you want to learn how to create a full-time income in your spare time and gain freedom from the rat race? Do you want to learn how I make 6 figure monthly income while traveling the world with my family? Then you need to join me at the IM Freedom Workshop in Los Angeles and Orange County! The IM Freedom Workshop is lead by my good friend, Russell Whitney.

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  • Very Wet Zip Line Adventure Day On this episode of the Dot Com Lifestyle vlog, I go zip lining! What can be more fun that that? How about doing it in pouring rain? It makes the zip ...

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  • Can You Be My Mentor? Would you like me to mentor you and make you the next internet success story? Then here's how to go about it. Download ...

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  • How I Made $16,373.44 While Having Lunch

    Today started out good and ended up great. I went to the Center Club in Costa Mesa to have lunch with Oscar Garcia. We talked about his new venture that’s going to change the world (can’t really talk about it because I’m under a NDA). I got to try out the club’s chicken narcos, which Oscar claims is the best narcos in town (it is).

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  • Titanium Mastermind Opening Night Party

    The opening night party at the Titanium Mastermind attracted marketers from all over the world. There was great food, music, dancing, and a sexy Dr. Don! Do you want to join the fun? Your journey starts by applying to my Ultimate Dot Com Lifestyle coaching ...

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  • How I Made $16,915.21 In 1 Day On Autopilot

    Hey everyone! I am here in Costa Rica doing training with the attendees of the MOBE Titanium Mastermind. I’ve been on stage all day. That means I can’t work on my MOBE business. But that’s OK because my online business run on autopilot. The results – while I was working with the attendees and helping them to build a successful internet business, MOBE made me $16,015.

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  • Three Simple Mind Tricks You Can Use To Achieve Your Goals

    If you are a beginner with online marketing, or what some would call a “rookie,” it can be frustrating if you’re not making money yet. I know how you feel, because it was that long ago when I was right there. I was broke, living with my parents, but I was determined to be successful no matter what.

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  • The Top Three Skills Every Business Owner Needs for Long-Term Success

    If you want to be a successful entrepreneur, you’ll need to master different skills during your career. Here are the top-three skills every business owner needs for long-term success… 1. The top skill for Beginners If you’re a brand new entrepreneur—right from the very start— the number one most important skill to develop is sales. Most people are afraid of selling, so they just don’t do it.

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