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  • Marketers: Track emotions, not just numbers

    What’s more important to marketers: Knowing what their audience is talking about or knowing what their audience thinks about what they’re talking about? The short answer is both. The useful answer is a little more complicated. When brands analyze social media data, the first step is often to look at the volume of conversation about a topic.

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  • 3 ways to see the future with social media data

    If I could wake up tomorrow with a superpower of my choice, time travel would be high on my list. Think about it: With open access to the past and future, you’d have unlimited knowledge within reach. You’d know how decisions play out in the long run, and the full context behind the events of the present. It would be overwhelming at times, but as a marketer, it would be fascinating.

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  • Social media, the subscription economy and the new face of retail

    If you’re an impulsive person, online shopping might be your best friend, worst enemy or a little bit of both. In the past year in the US, shoppers spent more than $300 billion online, and their spending in the past quarter accounted for 8.4 percent of all retail revenue in the US. This holiday season is predicted to be even bigger than last for online sales, with $92 billio ...

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  • 5 Ws of the sharing economy: How social data gives marketers a competitive edge

    Not long ago, when you needed a ride in your city, you’d call a cab — completely unaware the market could offer another option. When you were booking a place to stay for an upcoming trip, your mind probably wouldn’t wander beyond the idea of a hotel. Today, however, the sharing economy is so deeply entrenched in major industries and consumers’ lifestyles that it’s almost hard ...

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  • 3 ways social intelligence shapes hospitality marketing

    For the modern traveler, planning a trip is a lot more involved than packing a suitcase. The prominence of travel review sites, fare aggregator engines and home-sharing services are all part of the new way that travelers plan, experience and evaluate their trips. Social media plays a role in each phase of the travel experience; consumers use social channels to seek advice on ...

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  • The future of social intelligence: image recognition and analysis

    As marketers, we all want to be storytellers. We want to capture our brands’ unique journeys and share them with the world in hopes of resonating with our target consumers. And sure, we could talk about how social insights help us do that. But let’s be real: Social text analysis might not be enough anymore.

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  • Sci-fi film and video game studios find the way into the mainstream via social media

    When you think about the persona of a video-gamer or a sci-fi movie buff, you may draw up images of the stereotypical “Star Wars” die-hard, the Trekkie and the video game nerd. However, film and game studios have found that wider audiences have grown increasingly receptive to their content. Using social media analysis, developers, studios and others in the media and entertai ...

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  • How Social Media Data Can Guide You Through The Advertising Odyssey

    Advertising and marketing professionals are taught that agency work is based on instinct, but research matters, too. Whether they’re crafting pitches, doing media planning or proving return on investment (ROI), agency teams need to understand where to start and how to proceed. However, research is time-consuming and requires agencies to spend countless hours trying to cull d ...

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