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  • Using Third-Party Data for Smarter Digital Marketing Strategy

    There are a lot of compelling stats about back-to-school shopping that we could use to kick off this article. But as a studious, expert PPC marketer you really only need to know two things: this is the second-highest spending season, behind the holidays; and 49 percent of back-to-school shoppers planned to spend more in 2014 than they spent in the previous year.

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  • 5 Recent Updates from Bing Ads You Need to Know About

    The paid search world has seen a lot of changes in the last six months, from Google's mobile-preferred algorithm, to the revised terms between Yahoo and Bing. Today, we're going to drill down into a few top updates on what's been going on at Bing Ads over the last few months. 1. Bing Hits 20 Percent in the U.S.

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  • The Rise of Voice Search and Something You Can Do About It

    Do you remember when Siri was new? Talking to your phone – and getting a response from it – was mind-blowing! Digital personal assistants are easing into our lives in the form of Cortana on Windows Phone and Google Now on Android, along with Siri on the iPhone. These personal assistants are there to answer our questions and help us, which is why they’re powered by search engines.

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  • Spy vs. Spy: 4 Tips to Use Auction Insights for Smarter PPC

    Have your CPCs been rising, or your conversion volume declining overtime? If so, your competitors may be making moves. Tracking and analyzing your PPC performance is critical, and you can’t truly know how you’re doing without an account analysis tool like Auction Insights. This tool will give you a benchmark for your performance, and then show you how you stack up against competitors.

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  • 2 Mindhacks to Keep Marketers From Losing Out

    Science, data, and stats are the lifeblood of digital marketing. But sometimes we need to step away from the numbers to create space for our creative brain to weigh in. Turns out our brains can be tricked, and there are ways marketers can capitalize. Today we’re looking at how the framing effect applies to advertising, and at how your customer’s aversion to loss can influence ...

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  • The Search Experts Have Spoken: 2015 Predictions

    Whether you’re a prognosticator or a prediction believer, visions of the future are spellbinding. In digital marketing, and paid search specifically, the experts can see the playing field for miles and tell the rest of us what they see coming our way. We interviewed a number of search marketing experts to get their take on what 2015 holds for us. 1.

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  • Yahoo Bing Network Audience Stats That Might Surprise You

    If you’re investing in paid search, you’re investing in Google for sure. But there are other options. This means search marketers have to "stop treating the Yahoo Bing Network like the red-headed stepchild." (Jonathan Long, founder and chief executive (CEO) of Market Domination Media.) The latest numbers from comScore on the Bing audience are available – and the stats just might surprise you.

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  • 24-Hour Breakdown of Searches on Black Friday and Cyber Monday

    If the U.S. holiday retail economy was a country by itself, its GDP would rank number 22 in the world. With spend of $601.8 million last year, it’s pretty phenomenal what a two-month period can ring up. You might say we take our responsibility to the economy (and the holidays especially) seriously. To prepare for the holiday rush, there is a lot for search marketers to get right.

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