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  • 10 Things 8 Hours at CES Taught Me About Tomorrow’s Tech

    Like an idiot, I joined 165,000 other gadget-obsessed technologists, marketers, influencers, hucksters, and assorted others at CES 2017 last week. This car has a garden on the dash Most of my time was spent meeting people. Or, more accurately, in Lyfts, Ubers, and cabs braving Vegas traffic from hell on my way to meeting people.

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  • Why 2016 Will be a Global Tipping Point for the Mobile Economy

    Scientists in Antarctica are downloading mobile games. Parents in Syria worry about kids using too much tech. Islanders in American Samoa connect with 4G, and sherpas in Nepal chat on their smartphones while lugging 75-pound loads. What’s happening? The mobile economy is reaching a global tipping point. Global mobile users, with data from Ericsson and TUNE We hear the big numbers all the time.

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  • Why m-commerce mobile ads just jumped 9X

    Why m-commerce mobile ads just jumped 9X TUNE sees billions of ad events every single month. Billions of app installs, and billions of both brand and performance ads. Recently, we saw that m-commerce ads on mobile jumped a staggering 9X. The occasion was Cyber Monday. Black Friday and Cyber Monday, of course, are two of the premier shopping days in the U.S.

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