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  • Travel PPC: 3 Ways to Inspire Family Travel Planners to Buy Your Vacation

    Travel PPC: 3 Ways to Inspire Family Travel Planners to Buy Your Vacation February 21, 2017 at 6:09 am PST By John Lee Leave a Comment The holiday season has passed. The first major holiday of the year (Valentine’s Day) is in the rear-view mirror. PPC advertisers can finally catch a break. Well, that is unless you’re in the travel industry! Now is the time to begin preparin ...

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  • #PPCFright2014 Day 11: What’s Your Final Destination?

    October 30th, 2014 John Lee Posted in Agency Life, PPC Industry, PPC Tactics | No Comments » Final destination. The end. You can’t cheat death… or at least you can’t cheat the performance of your PPC campaigns. Knowing that a final destination is inevitable, we are forced to plan ahead. What are your goals? What is the end game? Prepare for it or the results will be violent and unexpected.

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  • Facebook Ads: Lessons From the Trenches

    OK, enough with the random "war time meets Pirates of the Caribbean" analogy and onto the Facebook Ads strategies! Facebook Ads has been around long enough that it is no longer considered new. However, much like it’s search-cousins AdWords or Bing Ads, the feature sets change frequently. This leaves all of us in a constant state of learning and testing to find what will gener ...

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  • #PPCFright2014: Day 1 – Exorcise Your PPC Demons

    October 20th, 2014 John Lee Posted in Agency Life, Halloween 2014, PPC Industry | No Comments » You all remember when you first watched The Exorcism. You were terrified. It’s OK – you can admit it. If you haven’t seen it, let me summarize: Creepy kid goes crazy, talks with a creepy voice, spins her creepy head and pukes creepy green pea soup all over the place! Exorcist doe ...

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  • Need Some Extra PPC Mojo? Revisit Bing Ads’ Syndicated Search Partners

    For quite some time now, PPC practitioners have been telling you (or have been told) to steer clear of Bing Ads’ Syndicated Search Partner network. The "partner" sites are often irrelevant or simply send junk traffic. Many lead generation campaigns can see great conversion rates - but often this ends in frustration once it is realized a large chunk of those leads are incomplete forms, etc.

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  • PPC Growth Hacking: Building a Community Through Shared Knowledge

    The PPC industry has been around for nearly 14 years now. We can no longer call this an industry in its “infancy.” The search marketing industry as a whole has been around even longer. This industry as a whole has always been one that was open to sharing knowledge. Much of this started in forums, but extended into blogs and conference settings.

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  • Where Do They Get All Those Wonderful Toys? A Twitter Ads Refresher

    Twitter Ads has been my personal muse for some time now, and that notion hasn’t slowed down one bit. Why? Much like their counter parts at Facebook, the Twitter Ads team continues to innovate and drive their advertising platform forward. Seriously, I catch myself mumbling, “where do they get all of those wonderful toys!” The base ad platform hasn’t changed much over the past couple of years.

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