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  • Viewability’s elephant in the room: Will advertisers pay more?

    Advertisers have started loudly proclaiming that will no longer stand for anything less than 100 percent viewability when purchasing ads. And while publishers agree that this is a necessary development for the digital media industry, there’s a looming sticking point when it comes to how it will affect pricing.

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  • A look at Pinterest’s forthcoming ad unit

    Pinterest’s monetization push is hitting full throttle: The scrapbooking site is developing a new ad, a “multi-pin carousel” that will allow marketers to place several images in a single promoted pin, according to ad agency executives briefed on the company’s plans. Although Pinterest is actively pitching the ad to agencies, it’s unclear when the ad will hit the market, the execs said.

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  • What the platform power play with power users means for brands

    For years, major social media platforms have been happy to allow enterprising users amass large fandoms on their platforms and, in turn, monetize those followings by working directly with brands. It simultaneously exhibited the power of their networks for individual users and acquainted brands with the platforms.

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  • Podcasts are booming, but Google could make them much bigger

    Podcasts, aided by the smash hit “Serial,” are having a moment. They’ve broken through with mainstream audiences, they’ve piqued interest from brand advertisers. Ad agencies — when they’re not busy producing their own podcasts — finally feel comfortable discussing podcast buys with clients. Despite these gains, the podcast industry has been mostly unable to tap into what could ...

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  • Brands can promote products on Facebook again — for a price

    The free ride is over on Facebook. Last November, Facebook said that it was changing EdgeRank, the algorithm that governs Facebook’s news feed, to limit distribution on posts it deemed “feel too promotional.” Now, surprise, Facebook has a new ad format that allows retailers to distribute exactly those kinds of promotional posts.

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  • How Mic turned Tumblr into a big traffic driver

    A little more than a year ago, Mic (then still known as PolicyMic) had just a few hundred followers on Tumblr and was doing nothing but reblogging posts from other accounts. Today, Mic’s Tumblr has nearly 100,000 followers and the referrals it generates constitute 5 percent of Mic’s total monthly traffic.

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  • Despite skepticism, Twitter delivers for brands

    It’s gotten increasingly difficult to tell whether Twitter is an over-, under- or accurately rated tool for brands and publishers. Wall Streeters have recently called for Dick Costolo to be ousted as CEO, even though Madison Avenue has gone to the mat for him. Also recently, digital media consultants BRaVe Ventures said the naysayers were wrong; Twitter is poised for a comeback this year.

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  • Pinterest clamps down on (non-Pinterest) e-commerce

    For years, brands and bloggers have been using Pinterest to generate sales and affiliate marketing revenue. Now, Pinterest is trying to shut off affiliate networks in order to obtain more control over how commerce is conducted on its platform. The digital scrapbooking service has enacted a universal ban on affiliate links on its platform, Pinterest spokesman Mike Mayzel confir ...

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  • 5 things brands should know about Twitter’s Niche acquisition

    Whenever a new social media network rises to prominence, so does a new crop self-made social media “stars,” (typically young) men and women who attract millions of followers and millions of brand dollars through their mastery of the platform. Twitter’s video-sharing app Vine has given rise to a number of such stars, and now Twitter wants in on the action: On Tuesday, it announ ...

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  • Welcome to the ‘walled garden’ era of ad tech

    The dais at the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s (IAB) Annual Leadership Meeting in Phoenix served as a platform for industry luminaries to expound on any number of challenges. Viewability and ad fraud were chief concerns, and the proliferation of ad blockers — specifically among millennials — would need the same amount of attention in the near future.

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  • Terry Kawaja: ‘Winter is coming’ for the ad tech industry

    There’s a reckoning coming in the ad tech industry. There are far more venture-backed companies than there are opportunities for successful exits, and numerous investors will be left without their shirts once the dust has settled, according to Terry Kawaja, founder and CEO of Luma Partners. Luma Partners, the influential investment bank that specializes in the digital media in ...

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  • At the IAB meeting: Much ado about viewability

    When Forbes Chief Revenue Officer Mark Howard asked a crowd of digital media execs on Monday afternoon whether any of them had transacted an ad buy on a viewability basis, approximately a third raised their hands. A year ago, the number of people who raised their hands was in the single digits, he said.

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  • USA Today’s For the Win goes beyond social for sharing

    For The Win (FTW) found it more effective to drop the Twitter share button from its mobile stories in favor of an Just about SMS share button. Almost any social media 101 blog post will tell you that in order to go “viral,” your content needs to resonate with the masses on Twitter. But USA Today sports blog For The Win has found that its mobile readers don’t share much throu ...

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  • GE dials back on Vine, ramps up on Snapchat

    General Electric may have won a Cannes Lion last year for its work on video platform Vine, but just eight months later, the brand is “dialing down” its efforts on the platform in order to concentrate on Snapchat, GE’s head of global brand marketing Linda Boff told Digiday. When Vine launched, it attracted attention from the tech-obsessed, “early adopter” set, Boff said.

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  • Why Kardashian Beauty is bullish on Snapchat

    Erin Dwyer is out to bring Kardashian Beauty to the Web, and she envisions Snapchat playing an integral part in that transition. Kardashian sisters Kim, Kourtney and Khloé might be three of the most media-savvy stars on the planet, but their cosmetic brand lacks a significant digital presence. There’s no website for the brand’s U.S.

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  • Heineken joins list of brands demanding independent ad tech solutions

    Months after losing business to Google, TubeMogul has bounced back: Beer brand Heineken announced on Tuesday that it would allocate 10 percent of its 2015 ad budget to programmatic and that TubeMogul would be its exclusive provider of video ad-buying software. It’s a notable win for TubeMogul, which lost a large portion of Mondelēz’s business to Google last fall, and makes Hei ...

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  • Madison Avenue: Twitter does not need to replace Dick Costolo

    Dick Costolo has been under attack lately, with activist investors calling for him to be removed as Twitter CEO. But you won’t hear such complaints on Madison Avenue. Ad agency executives — the people ultimately responsible for Twitter’s financial performance — said that replacing Costolo would fail to improve Twitter’s perception among agencies and brands.

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  • Instagram looks to expand its ‘editorial’ team

    Rod Mar was on his hotel patio, relaxing near a fire on Saturday night when he received a call from Instagram’s Alex Owen. Mar, a sports photographer whose clients include ESPN and Sports Illustrated, was in Phoenix to cover the Super Bowl. But he was about to become the focus of a news story. Owen, a community manager at Instagram, had recently discovered Mar’s account, and wa ...

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  • What the cost of a Super Bowl ad can buy online

    This year’s Super Bowl will likely attract the largest audience and the most ad revenue in NFL history. NBC sold out all of its Super Bowl ad slots, which cost $4.5 million for 30 seconds of airtime (a record). And online gambling website Vegas Insider placed the over-under on the number of Super Bowl viewers at 113 million, which would be the largest audience in the history of U.S. television.

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