John Mcdermott

  • This is what brands really worry about

    Digital advertising may be growing, but many brands are still ill-equipped, or just downright unwilling, to making it an integral component of their marketing plans. We asked brands at the Digiday Brand Summit in Deer Valley, Utah, the same question: “What is the biggest internal challenge brands face in adapting to digital?” The answers ranged from having to educate some mark ...

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  • Haters gonna hate: Brands pay to get an earful on social platforms

    Social platforms, notably Facebook, are starting to shift away from the airy talk of “brand engagement” and instead offer more nuts-and-bolts ad offerings. But one area remains from the bygone “join the conversation” era: Comments on ads. Naturally, this often backfires on brands. They can find themselves the subject of mass ridicule, leaving some wondering why brands pay for negative publicity.

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