John Paul Mains

  • Competitive Advantages With Engagement Analytics

    In my previous article, I showed how marketing has transitioned to customer engagement. For companies looking to be successful using this new mindset, standard web analytics programs deliver very little value and could be classified as simply dead. Ever since the origin of web servers that delivered our websites, web analytics has essentially been the same.

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  • Is Marketing A Zombie?

    I thought about titling this post “Marketing is Dead.” But the more I thought about it, the less I agreed with that quick judgment. Marketing is not dead, of course, but it is also not what we’ve come to think it is, and this is causing confusion for corporate leadership. Marketing is far more than what it used to be just ten years ago.

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  • Improving The Mobile E-Commerce Experience

    Let’s face it. Mobile shopping, especially on the smartphone, is still in its infancy. Companies embracing it are trailblazers testing new ideas and shopping models. Pretty much every buyer uses a smartphone or tablet these days, and the youth audience is extremely connected, so there is a lot of room for companies to try new things and see huge success — and huge blunders.

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  • Attract, Convert, Retain 2.0

    The basic idea of lead generation has been the same thing for quite some time — and rightfully so, because it works. You attract a visitor to your site, convert them into a customer, then retain them for as long as possible (because it is cheaper to keep existing customers than get new ones). Unfortunately, this model is starting to show its age.

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  • Digital Marketing 201: Explore Segmentation To Drive Growth

    Being able to segment your web visitors, buyers, customers and prospects isn't the first thing that most of us as marketers turn to. We understand the need for it, but it's usually not a big focus. Even when teams do pay attention, it is often only to email lists. Segmentation is something that should be considered from the very start because it will help you better understan ...

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  • Growth Hacking Your Marketing Strategy

    GAAAHHH!!! I can't escape digital marketing! Every time I open an email, an app, my social media account, even some of my software tools, somebody is sending me an ad message that I just can't turn off. Everybody wants my attention — and advertisers are getting sneakier all the time by being more personal, more unique and more compelling.

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