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  • The Marginal Gains Approach to Improving Productivity

    I’m pretty sure that you’ll agree that achieving a mere 1% improvement in any given metric is not something that’s worth getting too excited about. Indeed, striving for such a minute enhancement in the first place might, quite understandably, leave you wondering – why bother at all? For surely the more sensible, ambitious and lucrative approach would be to set your sights high ...

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  • A Guide to Decentralizing Your Content Strategy

    Around what does your content marketing strategy primarily revolve? I’m going to take a well-educated guess – your blog. Am I right? Having been in the content marketing game for many years now – first and foremost as a blogger – I have been living by the promise that if I write quality articles for the various websites that I’m involved with, then traffic and leads are only a ...

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  • Slack – The Digital Marketer’s Ultimate Command Center

    Wouldn’t it be wonderful if there was a single application that could be used as the central hub for all of your most critical activities? Imagine it: all of your internal communications, your editorial calendars, your content campaigns, your analytics, even your accounting and invoice operations – all accessible from one single application.

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  • Can Facebook Democratize Omnichannel Retail?

    Content and social media marketing isn’t just for e-merchants. You might be utilizing the likes of Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest to build awareness of your high street presence, and may very well be marketing your wares across these channels as well. Furthermore, you’ll have also at some point made the wise decision to open up an e-store of some description to boost your sales.

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  • How To Secure Funds For Your Seasonal Campaigns

    The time is fast approaching where you’re going to need to raid the piggy bank to spend a little extra on your seasonal campaigns. You know this is going to be a great investment – the silly season provides all sorts of opportunities to increase sales, win back old customers and secure brand new ones that you can hopefully carry with you into the New Year.

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  • How To Win Back Old Customers This Black Friday

    Let’s begin with a date for your diary – Black Friday 2016 falls on November 25th. As a consumer, if you think that it’s too early to start mentioning the ‘C’ word, then I’m right behind you. However, as a marketer, your Christmas campaigns should have been spilling from your lips since August at the latest.

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  • Don’t Lose Loyal Customers In The Christmas Sales

    With all the goodwill supposedly be jangling the bells and decking the halls around Christmas, it’s perhaps strange that customer fidelity can’t be relied upon. Try not to blush as I bring you this quote from Matt Curry, the director of e-commerce at online, ahem, sex toy retailer Lovehoney Group, who explained the following to Marketing Week: Christmas is an expensive time for any retailer.

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  • Create Memorable Brand Stories Using Data

    All good journalism should tell a story. If we want to capture the hearts and minds of our audiences, then all writers – including business bloggers – need to turn to the narrative techniques perhaps more readily associated with the great poets and novelists, and recount their industry’s latest news and developments in a style that builds drama, suspense, and ultimately deliver ...

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  • Building Social Media Into Your BoFu Strategy

    Sales and marketing teams are working more closely than they have ever done before – or at least they should be. A lingering convention, however, often still results in these two key departments working separately – and even, at times, at loggerheads with one another. Indeed, even with the best will in the world, some firms are continuing to struggle with the concept of meldin ...

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  • Why Is It Important For Marketers To Be ‘In The Know’ About Blockchain?

    Even if we haven’t dabbled, we all heard about Bitcoin. Of course we do – it’s pretty much indisputable that it’s the most famous cryptocurrency in the world. I have a few Bitcoins in my digital wallet, which I use primarily to tip a few online musicians and artists that I like, but I know people who make a lot more use out of Bitcoin than I do.

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  • How To Integrate Email Marketing With Your Social Media Campaigns

    They say that two heads are better than one, and, this is generally quite true. Indeed, when it comes to digital marketing, the two respective heads that create the strategies for email and social media campaigns are ideally suited to be mashed together to form one super-strategist that’s greater than the sum of its parts.

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  • What Pokémon Go Can Teach Marketers?

    I’m assuming that all those who are reading this article have not missed what’s been going on over the past week or two. But, what I can’t assume is if you’ve been swept up in the madness, or just watched on bemusedly as swarms of people in the world have started using their smartphones to chase virtual creatures around streets, parks, and even busy roads.

  • Link building Hacks: Turning Your Website Into A Resource Hotspot

    Thanks to Google’s Andrey Lipattsev, we now know for absolute certain that the two most important ranking factors are links and content. For most of us in the SEO game, we were pretty sure that this was the case anyhow – but it’s most reassuring to have it confirmed. All the hours we spend writing blogs for our websites in efforts to try and accumulate as many links as we can ...

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  • Why Data Visualisation Needs To Be Part Of Your Content Strategy

    It’s a data driven world that we live in. One of the newest buzzwords on the web waves is still ‘Big Data’, and companies large and small are utilising its power to make better, smarter and safer marketing decisions all around the globe. And with all the buzz – and indeed, all the data – flying round, marketers are increasingly finding new and innovative ways not only to util ...

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  • How To SEO Optimise Images On Your Blog

    I think it’s fair to say that we have gotten beyond the point now where we need a reminder to always include at least one image on every piece of content that we publish (but if we haven’t, then consider this that reminder). Images are essential for content marketing in 2016. This is an absolute truth, with no wiggle room whatsoever.

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  • How To Supercharge Your Meta Descriptions For Better CTRs

    Don’t be put off by the jargon. I know that the term ‘meta description’ is hardly self-explanatory, and perhaps even sounds a bit too geeky/technical to really worry about. And as for ‘CTRs’ – what the hell are those? Well, a CTR simply refers to your Click-through Rate. Your click-through rate is measured by the amount of times web users click-through on one of your links to ...

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  • How To Use Memes For Marketing

    I think that it would be fair to assume that most people have a somewhat love-hate relationship with memes. For any of us (i.e. all of us) who spend a significant proportion of time on social media, memes, by turns, can either infuriate or titillate by equal measure. And the reason is self-evident – some are just appalling and stupid, and others are really quite witty (and even ...

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