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  • Bing Ads Announces End of Standard Text Ads

    This week, Bing Ads announced its deadline for ending their support of standard text ads (STA), in favor of the new expanded text ad (EXTA) format. Advertisers will have until July 31st, 2017 to continue creating and editing STAs before the platform deprecates support for this ad type. After this deadline, any enabled STAs in an account will continue to serve in search results ...

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  • What You Need to Know about the AdWords API for ETA

    After Google’s big news last week about the changes to AdWords with Expanded Text Ads, they released notes on the latest version of the AdWords API, which includes initial access to ETAs. Of note to marketers under “Migration Tips,” Google states: “The migration to Expanded Text Ads will require your intervention: In many cases, the second headline will need new content…” W ...

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  • How to manage tests with Google’s new Expanded Text Ads

    With the recent beta release of Google’s new Expanded Text Ad (ETA) format, many advertisers are wondering how to approach testing the new ad type to understand it’s impact on performance. Google has cited a 20% lift in CTR for ETAs, but this is not guaranteed for all advertisers. The important question to understand is how will the new format impact your account’s performance.

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