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  • 🎨 UI & UX Updates Make Raven Even Better!

    The past several months we’ve asked our customers a lot of questions (perhaps you were one of them). We also studied which features they use the most, and took note of the ones they use the least. After we crunched and analyzed all of the data, the results showed us a clear path for changes we knew would delight our customers.

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  • Should you AMP?

    AMP We’ve turned the Web into a UX mess. Our sites are slow and they’re loaded with crappy ads that are desperate to get our attention. Google finally took notice and now they’re punishing us for it. That punishment has come in the form of Accelerated Mobile Pages, aka AMP. AMP requires webmasters to make a copy of their content using AMP-specific markup and there’s no JavaScript allowed.

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  • ⤿ Majestic Adds Full 301 Redirect Reporting

    Majestic recently updated their algorithm to display 301 redirects for referring domains. Raven has also updated the Backlink Explorer to support displaying this new data. To view it, check the table display options for Indirect Target URL and Indirect Target Type. The table results will then display the new data columns.

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  • Cheating on Social Media Should Be Simple

    I’m currently working with the TapClicks marketing team to create the Ultimate Content Marketing Guide. It’s an ambitious project and we just published the first section on Social Media. One of the objectives of the project is to repurpose the longform content into different mediums and formats. For example, we plan to create presentations, videos and infographics from each ma ...

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  • 📊 Facebook Ads Reporting now in Raven

    I’m happy to announce that you can now report on Campaign, Ad Set, and Ad-level data for all of your Facebook Ads campaigns within Raven. Campaign: This is the level of data you could see previously in Raven Tools. Because we’ve added other levels of metrics, the Campaign view is now on its own tab. Choose a Campaign to view the ad sets and ads associated with that campaign.

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  • 🔒 How to easily add SSL and HTTP/2 to your site for free

    Google really wants Webmasters and SEOs to make their sites secure and faster. There’s just one problem…it’s not easy to do. Adding an SSL certificate is still expensive and difficult to install. While speeding up a site can be even more complicated and usually requires a lot of coding changes. In my pursuit to solve this problem, I found a solution that is both easy and free! ...

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  • 📈 How to remove Google Analytics Referral Spam

    If you’re not familiar with Google Analytics (GA) referral spam, it’s because you’ve never looked closely at your GA results. Referral spam has been notorious for several years and it’s a constant frustration for marketers who have to provide analytics reports to their clients. Even more frustrating is Google’s lack of action to prevent it.

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  • 📱 Improve your Mobile UX with these Form Input Data Types

    One of the most frustrating experiences a person can have on their phone is filling out a form. That’s because most web developers and designers don’t optimize their forms for mobile users. It ends up that optimizing forms for mobile users is quite simple. All it takes is changing the data type for the input field.

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  • Why you should expire your blog posts

    Company blogs get used for a variety of purposes that are well beyond the purview of helpful, high quality content. They’re used for product updates, conferences and events, new hires, contests, webinars and much more. Here’s a good example of the kind of post I’m talking about. Those type of posts are typically thin on content and are only relevant for a short period of time ...

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  • Site Auditor Alerts in Slack

    At Raven our team loves using Slack. We know many other companies love using it too, which is why we added support for it in Site Auditor. When you add it to a channel on your Slack team, you’ll get alerts whenever a new site analysis is complete. How to setup Site Auditor Alerts in Slack 1. Click on the Account menu and ...

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  • New UX updates for Marketing Reports

    If you login to the Marketing Platform right now and go to the Reporting section, things are going to look slightly different. First, we’ve renamed the Report Builder to WYSIWYG Reports. Second, if you became a customer within the last couple of years, you will now see our previous reporting tool called the Report Wizard.

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  • New Site Auditor for SEO Analysis

    Have you ever made something that worked well, but afterwards you knew it could be made even better? That was the situation we were in with the Site Auditor. Aside from our Report Builder, the Site Auditor has been the most popular tool in our Marketing Platform, and we wanted to make it better – much better.

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