Jon Morrow

  • 5 Myths of Traffic Generation That Seriously Need to Die

    Can I be straight up with you? 95% of the advice on the web about how to increase your website traffic is totally useless. It’s outdated, overly simplified, or just plain wrong. Here’s how I know: Over the last eight years, the sites I’ve built have received over 200 million page views. I’ve also worked with thousands of students in every imaginable niche, and I’ve seen fir ...

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  • Why Most “How to” Posts Suck (and How to Write Great Ones)

    Once upon a time, “how to” posts were a blogger’s bread-and-butter. The idea was simple. People want to know how to do stuff, and if you teach them how, you’ll get lots of traffic. And it was true… for a while. This post from 2007 is a great example: How to Cook Brown Rice For years, it was the most popular post on Steve’s mega-popular blog.

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  • The Awesome Power of Seemingly Pointless Stories

    Some people tell you a story always needs to have a point, but I disagree. Sometimes, you tell a story with no other purpose than bonding with your audience. For instance, here’s a snippet from the newsletter of Gary Halbert, perhaps the greatest copywriter who ever lived: A few days ago, after finishing my workout, I went to a small diner and ate three steak sandwiches.

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  • Goodbye Boost Blog Traffic. Hello Smart Blogger

    Well, surprise, surprise, surprise… as my good ol’ buddy Gomer Pyle used to say. After four wonderful years on, we’ve decided rebrand as Why? In one word: evolution. Back in 2012, I was one little voice in a sea of people blogging about blogging. To stand out, I picked a topic I knew I could talk about better than anybody else: traffic.

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