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  • The Link is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

    Have you ever been searching for some information on Google and ended up on a page so monstrously bad that it offended each of your senses in turn? Many such pages exist, and the reason they’re often given prominence in search results is down to one thing – links. Links are the reason the Internet works, and the reason why so much of it is broken.

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  • Our Thoughts on Your Media Business Will Not Survive

    Joshua Topolsky, the co-founder of Vox Media and until recently Digital Editor at Bloomberg, published a damning assessment of the publishing industry late last month – I’d encourage you to give it a read here. The main thrust of the piece is that what traditional media does (or did) so well – build relationships with readers – is being lost in the race for more pageviews, whic ...

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  • Serendipity! 5 Brands That Scored an Accidental Viral Hit

    Many brands work for years without ever feeling the sweet embrace of a viral hit; however, an ever rarer beast is the unintentional brand booster—the viral video that just happens to feature you. Impossible to plan or predict—and tricky to capitalize on—the inadvertent brand content moment is the albino unicorn of viral marketing.

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