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  • Native Advertising’s Platform Advantage Will Help Marketers Win in 2015

    Native advertising was much maligned in 2014 as marketers and publishers struggled to effectively walk the fine line between sponsored native content and editorial content. Many native ads were either too obviously promotional, too distantly related to the medium’s core content, or perhaps worst of all – not forthcoming about its status as sponsored content.

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  • Best Practices For Using Physical Objects In Your Marketing Efforts

    Digital isn’t just the future of marketing – it’s the present. Online, mobile, and social techniques dominate the modern marketing landscape, and for some it’s the end-all-be-all. However, marketers may be overlooking a simple and effective way to connect with consumers with physical objects. “The growing fixation on the physical raises the bar for creating special experience ...

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  • The Content Marketer’s Guide To Black Friday

    With Thanksgiving and the holiday shopping season quickly approaching, retailers and marketers must establish a game plan for arguably the two biggest shopping days of the year. Shoppers will be ready to spend on Black Friday (November 28) and Cyber Monday (December 1). Utilizing content marketing best practices can lead to big time wins.

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  • How To Create Impactful eBooks For Content Marketing

    Content Marketing, Owned Media Published 2 hours ago | By: Jon Salm Photo by Death To Stock Photo A diverse content marketing strategy is a must for any modern day marketer. While microcontent has been rapidly growing in popularity (and rightfully so), long-form content such as eBooks provide a deeper and more detailed edge to your marketing content.

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  • What Movie Genres Can Teach You About Content Marketing

    Everyone likes a great movie, especially media-obsessed marketers. Movies and marketing campaigns share much in common – both must have a believable premise, a compelling narrative, and interesting content. However, a key difference exits in how movies and marketing are defined. Movies are most often defined by genre (action, comedy, drama), while marketing campaigns reflect ...

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  • 5 Important Rules for Native Advertising

    Native Advertising, Paid Media Published 1 min ago | By: Jon Salm Advertisers, marketers and public relations experts strive to get a message across as clearly, cleverly and effectively as possible. Recently, a new adjective is making its way into that list – natively. Native advertising takes an advertising message and marries it to a platform that consumers are already engaged with.

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  • How Content Marketing Measurement has Evolved

    As content marketing has become a vital strategy for brands and agencies, the need to measure the success of that content has grown as well. An Aberdeen Group report revealed that the most effective content marketers are also those most likely to measure. The study split its sample of organizations using content marketing into two groups: ‘leaders’ – the top 35% most effective ...

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  • Design, Technology & The Future of Content Marketing at General Assembly

    Three of the brightest minds in content marketing gathered at General Assembly in New York City on Wednesday for a panel discussion titled Design, Technology & The Future of Marketing. Photo by Laura Kirsch The talk featured Annie Werner, who works on content strategy and community at Tumblr, Emersson Barillas, Executive Creative Director, Integrated Marketing at the Atla ...

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  • Overcome Short Attention Spans with Micro-Content

    What can your advertising do in 10 seconds? Not a whole lot, you might think. But in a study from University of Hamburg and University of Hannover researchers proved that over 50 percent of Internet users stay on a webpage for less than 10 seconds. Accordingly, advertisers are now focusing on micro-content – clever, persuasive, and concise messages to target an audience with ba ...

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  • 4 Visual Tactics For White Paper Design

    At their best, white papers can propel a business to the next level – by gaining new customers, circulating cutting edge research, or simple self-promotion. At their worst, they are never read. Perhaps the best way to draw readers in is by employing visual storytelling tactics. The practice can boost a presentation’s power, an event’s influence, and of course, a white paper’s persuasiveness.

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  • 5 Content Curation Sites for Data Visualization

    Infographics, data visualizations, and interactive visual projects are popular for a reason. They capture imaginations, command attention, and teach new things. Above all, however, they are simply fun to look at. If you’ve spent some time getting lost in all of the projects on Visually’s community page, you know what I mean.

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  • How to Get Influencers to See and Share Your Content

    On the Internet, messages are meant to be heard. From high-powered advertising agencies to in-house marketing departments to individuals with a few hundred Twitter followers, everyone yearns for their message to be conveyed and shared. Finding a high-powered industry influencer can help jumpstart a sharing craze and kick your message into viral overdrive.

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  • Meeker Internet Trends Report: Good News for the Future of Micro-content

    Mary Meeker, the well-known Internet analyst and partner at Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, released her annual Internet trends report on day two of Re/code’s Code Conference last week. The 150+ page report spells good news for marketers looking to invest more heavily in micro-content – clever, bite sized and sharable forms of content meant to engage with an increasingly ...

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  • The Visual Evolution of FIFA World Cup Logos

    Soccer to some, football or fútbol to others, or simply The Beautiful Game, the most popular sport in the world peaks every four years with the World Cup. The sport boasts billions of fans worldwide (generous estimates put that number at 3.5 billion, or around half the world’s population) and commands a significant international media presence during the month-long tournament.

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  • The Science of Infographics: The Suprising Way The Brain Processes Visuals

    Infographics can contain a wealth of useful, interesting, and captivating information—but only if readers take the time to survey the entire graphic. It’s no secret that the typical Internet user quickly bounces from site to site while shuffling among multiple tabs and windows. With the added distraction from smartphones, TV, and print media, it can be tough to get focused attention.

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  • Report: Majority of Marketers Lack an Integrated Content Strategy

    Content marketing is a double-edged sword. A perfectly calibrated content marketing strategy can take your brand, product, or publicity campaign to new heights — but coming up with such a strategy isn’t easy. With so many products, platforms, and solutions available, it can be intimidating just to get started.

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